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Schools Guide helpdesk

The Schools Guide helpdesk is a free service designed to offer general assistance in selecting a school. 

For most enquiries you can simply post a question on our forum below. Our friendly staff will offer assistance where we can.

Note: Please provide as much detail as possible when requesting assistance. We may be able to offer a selection of schools that meet your needs if we are provided with sufficient detail.

This service does not rank or rate schools. It is only intended as a helpful service to help narrow down your choices.

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  1. Natalie Posada
  2. About Private Schools
  3. Wednesday, 10 May 2017
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My son is only in Kindergarten, but at a local primary school in Bondi. I was told that due to the influx of students in this area, and the fact there are only 2 local Govt high schools, that it was best we start searching for and putting his name down for Private High schools. We are looking for schools that might be like the International Grammar School - non denominational and relatively close by. I have seen Redham in the lists on other searches, but not on your searches. I am actually not coming up with either of these outcomes when I search and I am wanting to know of other options. Can you help?
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Schools Guide Admin
Thanks for your question Natalie. There are a number of ways to to find schools that meet your needs. You could visit the Sydney Central and East section. There you will find every non-government school in the region. The filter tool on the page will narrow down the list to only those that meet your criteria. Or, you could try the Sydney schools map which displays every school in Sydney. Enter an address to show only schools within your chosen radius or simply zoom down. You'll find you can click on any school's marker and see details about the school. I have included some links below to the pages I've mentioned.
Both Reddam House and International Grammar School can be found on those pages.

One of our friendly help desk staff also will be in touch to offer further assistance.
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