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Georges River Grammar, Georges Hall

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Georges River Grammar, Georges Hall
Georges River Grammar is an independent, co-educational school for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, located in Sydney’s South-West.
53 Georges Crescent
Georges Hall
Sydney South-West
(02) 9725 7566
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Welcome to Georges River Grammar

Georges River Grammar is an independent, co-educational school for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, located in Sydney’s South-West. Affectionately known as GRG, the School is a dynamic and supportive environment that offers students varied opportunities for a holistic and engaging education which enables every GRG student to thrive, grow and prosper. The School is committed to providing students with a safe, encouraging, and nurturing learning environment, whereby each student is known and supported throughout their own unique learning journey and provided with opportunities to experience success and achievement. We are a community where the values of sacrifice, community, compassion, and service take pride of place.

Georges River Grammar is an independent, co-educational school for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, located in Sydney’s South-West. Affectionately known as GRG, the School is a dynamic and supportive environment that offers students varied opportunities for a holistic and engaging education which enables every GRG student to thrive, grow and prosper. The School provides students with a safe, encouraging, and nurturing learning environment, whereby each student is known and supported throughout their own unique learning journey and provided with opportunities to experience success and achievement. We are a community where the values of sacrifice, community, compassion, and service take pride of place.

Governed by these values, the School’s mission is an expression of its Christian ethos and its relationship with students, staff, parents and the wider community.

GRG continually strives to:

  • develop students into critical and creative thinkers.
  • challenge students to develop their sense of inquiry and harness their problem-solving skills.
  • ensure that student wellbeing is priority by providing an effective Student Wellbeing program using the principles of Positive Psychology and the Berry Street Education Model.
  • embrace the use of technology in the classroom and educate students about the need to be responsible digital citizens.
  • promote open and honest communication between the School and the home.
  • strengthen students’ understanding of servant leadership through social justice initiatives, in partnership with various international aide organisations and local Indigenous communities.


Our highly professional and committed staff, under the leadership of our Principal Mrs Raquel Charet, challenge each student to extend themselves in their academic, social, physical, and spiritual endeavours. Empowered with the knowledge, skills and capabilities required in our ever-changing world, our students are developed into compassionate, resilient, engaged and accomplished lifelong learners.


GRG is part of a network of NSW Independent Schools who have adopted the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Framework that has been embedded in over 1500 schools worldwide. Deep Learning is learning that is transformative, student-centered, and creative; it has real-world application.

The Deep Learning Framework assists students to develop and acquire six global competencies - the skills and attributes they will need to flourish as citizens of the world beyond the classroom and school context. These six competencies, known as the 6Cs, underpin the curriculum and are incorporated in teaching and learning programs:
-Critical Thinking
The GRG School Board has commenced the process of developing a new Master Plan, including the building of a new School Auditorium. The construction of these new facilities has been purposefully designed to facilitate deep learning, with a particular focus on creating learning environments that support collaborative learning, creativity, technological currency and encouraging students to develop their critical thinking skills.

In the Secondary School, a state-of-the-art Trade Skills Centre has been built to deliver the VET Construction course to students in Stage 5 and 6. This large workshop, accompanied by an ICT classroom in the Centre, is also used extensively by other Technology classes. In 2021, the Secondary School also unveiled a new, innovative, Science laboratory, a space which allows students to develop their sense of curiosity.

Georges River Grammar operates an Out of School Hours (OSHC) program from 7:00am to 8:30am, and 3:00pm to 6:00pm for students in our Primary School.
Vacation Care is also available for 11 weeks of non-term time.

All students are provided with a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea during the school term, and lunch during Vacation Care. Students enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, prompting them to develop friendships with their peers whilst learning. Students are also given the opportunity to complete homework, with assistance, if required.

All students at GRG also have the ability to utilise:
-the School Canteen, which caters for all students in K-12 providing a wide variety of healthy lunches, snacks and refreshments;
-a dedicated Music Space, with individual studios that allow students to participate in one-to-one music lessons or practise their instrument in a quiet, private space;
- multiple Visual Arts Studios which stimulate our students’ sense of creativity;
- a fully functional Commercial Kitchen, used by our Senior Hospitality students and Food Technology students;
-the Primary and Secondary School Libraries, which house an extensive collection of fiction and non-fiction resources for student borrowing, and also allow our students to study and engage in collaborative work with their peers; and,
-an onsite Uniform Shop with the full range of GRG uniforms for all our students.

The GRG Sports Program plays an integral role in the life of students at GRG. The School fosters a sporting environment which caters for the diverse school community through the provision of a variety of sporting activities for all students who wish to participate in sport and physical activity, regardless of ability. The sporting program at GRG is a valuable platform for developing character and a lifelong interest in health and fitness among our students.

GRG also offers an extensive co-curricular program that provides students with many opportunities to reach their personal best outside the classroom. The list of options for the students to choose from grows each year: Duke of Edinburgh, Study Hub, Debating, Public Speaking and an extensive Music problem, are just a few of the co-curricular activities on offer.

The School has four private bus runs each morning and afternoon. There is an additional charge for these services, which are conducted on buses owned and operated by the School:
• Cabramatta, Canley Heights, Canley Vale, Fairfield, Lansvale, Guildford and Villawood.
• Menai, Alfords Point and Sutherland
• Lugarno
• Voyager Point, Pleasure Point, Wattle Grove and Georges Fair.

Transdev, a private bus company, also runs government-funded special bus services to the School from East Hills, Revesby, Sandy Point, Moorebank, Liverpool, Wattle Grove, Chester Hill, Bankstown, and Picnic Point.

At GRG, we understand that the school plays a critical role in the promotion of wellbeing - promoting student wellbeing enhances learning. Therefore, we focus on the whole student and provide opportunities that enable every GRG student to thrive, grow and prosper.

Our Student Wellbeing Program ensures that each student is known and supported throughout their own unique learning journey. We believe that all students can succeed, and our wellbeing program has been designed and implemented to ensure that each student aspires and achieves their goals.

Using the work of Martin Seligman and other researchers within the field of psychology, students explore the tenets of positive psychology and are encouraged to adopt these principles in their own lives. Students are provided with strategies which enable them to take a proactive approach when dealing with the issues they will inevitably face. Under the direction of the GRG Wellbeing Team, students are equipped with the tools required to flourish emotionally, academically, mentally, and spiritually.

Our aim at GRG is to develop students into resilient, engaged and accomplished lifelong learners, ready to face the challenges of our increasingly complex world. Fostering a sense of personal responsibility and commitment to others underpins our Student Wellbeing Program. The key components of positive psychology are embedded throughout the GRG curriculum, as students learn the importance of developing a growth mindset, serving others, and building meaning and purpose in their life.

GRG has adopted the Berry Street Education Model, an evidence-based K-12 framework which enables our teachers to increase the engagement of all students by improving their ability to self-regulate, build effective relationships, develop empathy, and the stamina and grit required to ultimately achieve. GRG takes a positive and solutions-focused approach to behaviour management; we set clear boundaries and expectations for every child, whilst recognising that each child is an individual with unique physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual needs. Our staff embody the qualities of compassion and respect, treating each student in the first instance with unconditional positive regard, as they guide the young people in their care. Teachers actively foster a culture of collaboration and respect, providing an anchor for students and ensure that the school environment is safe, supportive and conducive to learning.

GRG also employs a full-time psychologist, who is able to provide additional academic, psychosocial, and emotional wellbeing support for students across K-12, as necessary.

We know that wellbeing underpins every aspect of a student’s schooling; from their ability to learn, their capacity to build positive relationships and ultimately their educational outcomes. We believe that working in partnership with parents and families is essential to student wellbeing, and developing effective partnerships built on trust, respect, and shared responsibility, means that our students flourish.

The School’s mission is an expression of its Christian ethos and its relationship with students, staff, parents and the wider community governed by the values of community, sacrifice, service and compassion.
Georges River Grammar is very proud of its student graduates. The School offers a comprehensive education that prepares young people for tertiary education, full-time employment and the world beyond formal schooling.
By cultivating a vibrant and caring environment GRG ensures that each student feels an innate sense of belonging to the community. Whether they be academic, sporting, creative, social justice, or anything else that school entails, GRG students flourish. The GRG student is encouraged to embrace their unique sense of individuality and pursue their endeavours.
GRG strives to ensure our graduates become responsible global citizens by:
• providing opportunities to develop an understanding of the link between academic learning and well-being;
• developing strategies that enhance their resilience and ability to ‘bounce back’ from challenge and adversity;
• believing that all students can succeed in their learning;
• promoting student connections;
• stimulating student engagement with learning;
• providing learning experiences that are relevant to their lives;
• fostering high expectations in all learners;
• engaging staff and students in dialogue about understanding learning;
• enhancing positive psycho-social and developmental outcomes through protective factors;
• utilising a range of support networks and resources by implementing structures and programs in response to diverse student needs; and,
• strengthening students’ understanding of servant leadership through social justice initiatives
We are committed to excellence and the realisation of each child’s potential. Our school’s values community, sacrifice, service and compassion underpin all that we do.

Performing Arts Program

Georges River Grammar offers a wide range of opportunities in performance. The School has a strong program which allows students to advance  and develop their musical skills and talents, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Music is flourishing at Georges River Grammar. Our focus is to motivate students to explore and create in a music rich environment.

Inside the classroom, Secondary students are encouraged to explore performance, composition and musicology in an environment where they are able to collaborate, create and develop critical thinking skills. Primary students undertake lessons that revolve around listening, moving, and creating music.

Outside of the classroom, and in the wider community, our students participate in a variety of ensembles and performances.

Our students demonstrate the essence of our music program which is to enjoy their music and to gain self-confidence through participation.


Our ensembles include Senior Band, Rock Bands, Chapel Band, String Orchestra, String Quartet, Orchestra, Honour Choir, A Capella Group, Wind Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Training Band, Primary Band and Primary Choir. We also run a highly successful mentoring program whereby our Secondary students mentor our Primary students. Primary musicians develop positive peer relationships with senior school members which assists their transition into Year 7.


Our musicians are  involved in a number of performances throughout the year such as Open Day, Mother’s Day, Anzac Day, Grandparent’s Day, Father’s Day, MusicalesK-Mart Wishing Tree, Staff/Student Carols at Bankstown Uniting Care facility, Quest for Talent, GRG has Talent, Presentation Day and our showcase evening – Variety Night.

The Secondary Variety Night features a seamless wealth of talent. Our students provide enchanting performances with an edge of professionalism beyond their years.

For Primary musicians, performance for peers is a large focus as it builds confidence and resilience that can be used in other key learning areas. Students are encouraged to perform for their class and are provided opportunities to perform at Assemblies.

Peripatetic Program

GRG has a substantial peripatetic program with 15 tutors involving up to 300 students across the School. The program provides lessons in Voice, Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Violin, Cello, Drums, Percussion, Piano, Bagpipes and Guitar. This program supports our performance ensembles providing as many musical options as possible for our students.

HICES Music Camp

HICES music camp continues to be a major highlight in GRG’s music calendar. Students audition to attend the camp, held at Stanwell Tops, for a 4-day intensive workshop culminating in a brilliant performance at Town Hall.

GRG Music staff members are proud of the efforts made by our students; they develop their skills as musicians and showcase their talents in the performance arena. Our ultimate goal is to produce well rounded individuals who achieve outside their comfort zone and build personal resilience that will last a lifetime.


Students engage in visible thinking routines every week, as well as exploring the human condition through the ‘Four Cs’ that are innate in Drama – Critical Reflection, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. GRG students go further and add another two Cs: Challenge and Courage.

The Drama students of GRG accept challenge and have been the practitioners of quality work through exploration and discovery. Students gaina wealth of important life skills; quick-thinking, focus, working collaboratively in groups and reflection work. All year groups can enjoy live theatre experiences, which has been of enormous benefit for their stagecraft.

Drama Night

Drama Night showcases a collection of works the students from Years 8 – 12 prepare throughout the year. With pieces ranging from Ancient Greek theatre, to contemporary pieces that explore an existential view of life, the audience is treated to a night of high energy, humour and pockets of madness. Year 10 students organise the evening to enhance their production skills in a practical, purposeful manner.


Dance is a powerful tool which teaches rhythm and coordination. It enables students to showcase their talents and develop a sense of self confidence. Working together, students participate in weekly lessons and prepare for numerous performances each year.

The weekly Primary Dance classes incorporate a range of dance styles, focusing on commercial jazz, where they develop their technique and learn choreography. The Secondary groups study the dance styles of lyrical, hip hop, jazz and musical theatre.

Our Sports Program

The GRG Sports Program plays an integral role in the life of students at GRG. The School provides a sporting environment which caters for the diverse and changing school community through the provision of a variety of sporting activities for all students (K- 12) who wish to participate in sport and physical activity, regardless of ability. We also believe the sporting program at GRG is a valuable platform for developing character and a lifelong interest in health and fitness among our students.

The Sports Program at GRG has 3 key objectives:

1.    Cultivate School Spirit

At GRG, the annual House Competition is held across a variety of athletic and academic events. The competition takes place between the four houses – Chamberlain, Jackson, Rossiter and Wood. Student participation is key to the success of the winning house every year. The three key sporting events that contribute to the overall points score of the victorious house are:

  • Swimming Carnival: Held early in Term 1, this is the first opportunity students have to actively contribute to the success of their house. Our stronger swimmers have the opportunity to represent the School in the next levels – CASA, AICES, CIS (regional, state and nationals).
  • Cross Country: This whole school event is held late Term 2, with our leading runners earning the chance to represent GRG at the CASA, AICES and CIS levels.
  • Athletics: Another fabulous whole-school event, which is held in Term 2. A day full of colour and athletic prowess, the houses go head-to-head in a range of track and field events. Our top athletes once again progress to represent the school at CASA, AICES and CIS levels.

2.    Promote movement, skill development, health and fitness

Sport and physical activity is essential to healthy development of all young people. It not only contributes to a young person’s level of fitness but also to the cultivation of dynamic and creative minds.

The benefits of being active for young children include:

  • promoting healthy growth and development
  • improving cardiovascular fitness, balance, coordination and strength
  • providing the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills
  • helping to establish connections between different parts of the brain
  • improving concentration and thinking skills
  • improving confidence and self-esteem
  • relieving stress, promoting relaxation and improve sleep
  • providing opportunities to develop social skills and make friends.

Students at GRG have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive activities. These activities vary from term to term and aim to develop a variety of fundamental movement skills.

3.    Foster and support sporting excellence

GRG takes part in a range of Inter-school and Gala Day competitions throughout the school year. The School is an active member of various school sporting organisations including CASA (Primary and Secondary), MISA (Secondary) and IPSSO (Primary). GRG takes part in competitions involving the following sports:

  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Fitness
  • Rock Climbing
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Touch Football
  • Oztag
  • AFL
  • Volleyball

GRG also utilises the sporting knowledge and expertise of senior students and alumni during the year to provide coaching to enhance skill development in students selected to represent the School in the various sporting teams.

Representative Pathways

The representative pathway at GRG also provides students, who excel in a particular sport, the opportunity to challenge themselves and showcase their talents at a higher level.

GRG expects all students to who represent the School to do so to the best of their ability and display the values of the School during competition which include:

  • Playing within the rules.
  • Playing and representing the school with pride, at all times, on and off the field.
  • Respecting the decisions of the match officials.
  • Always supporting their team-mates.
  • Wearing the correct GRG sports uniform with pride.

The sporting year at GRG culminates in the annual Sports Awards evening, which is held in Term 4. The evening recognises the achievements of the students and teams who have represented the School during the year.

Our Outdoor Education Program

The Outdoor Education Program is integral to the Student Wellbeing Program, with the involvement of Classroom Teachers, Secondary Heads of Year and Year Mentors. The School Chaplain oversees the organisation of the Secondary Outdoor Education Program and the Head of Primary oversees Primary camps.

Outdoor education is a sequential program that aims to enhance personal growth through the development of the whole person. Most camps are at the Youthworks Outdoor Education Centres, and facilitated by trained Christian educators who lead, teach, model, encourage and resource young people to stretch their comfort zones and be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

Year 3 and 4 Camp

Camps are held in Outdoor Education Centres. Children are exposed to situations in which they can build relationships, use problem solving strategies in challenging situations, work as a team, acquire an appreciation of and respect for the natural environment, develop a sense of community, and learn valuable new skills.

Year 5 and 6 Camp

Year 6 students travel to Canberra for a National Capital excursion and Year 5 travel to Bathurst, Hill End and/or Jenolan Caves.

Year 7 Orientation Camp

The Orientation Camp concentrates on developing peer relationships and gives the students an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. It occurs at the very beginning of the year and serves as an introduction/orientation to Secondary School. The Year 12 Student Leaders attend to support the transition of the Year 7 students.

Year 8 & Year 9 Camps

Students are encouraged to extend themselves further by engaging in archery, canoeing, fishing, water-based activities and group initiatives.

The sequential activities program starts to increase in skill level during Year 8 and Year 9, allowing students to build on foundational skills learned in their younger years. These camps a wide variety of activities, including: in archery, canoeing, fishing, water-based activities, as well as abseiling and high ropes. Additionally, students have gender specific programs at camp in Year 9, to raise awareness of matters that will pertain to their growth and development spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Year 10 Camp

The Year 10 City Mission Camp aims to develop the leadership and social skills of our students. By introducing students to the GRG Personal Development program, they participate in a variety of leadership opportunities and activities. Facilitated by Youthworks and held at Cockatoo Island, the Year 10 camp is where students learn how to budget on a minimal amount each day, work in teams and navigate themselves in small groups around public transport. This City Mission Camp is one of a kind!

Leadership Camp

In Term 3, at the conclusion of the Personal Development Portfolio, those students who have been selected as Student Leaders are invited to attend the Leadership Camp. The Head of Secondary School, in collaboration with the School Chaplain, are responsible for the organisation and running of this camp.

Primary Father Child Camp

This is an optional camp held annually for Primary families. Held at Youthworks, this camp offers an opportunity for fathers to take time out to make special connections with their child. Many families have commented

Students learn best when they feel confident, their motivation is high, and learning is targeted towards their specific needs and interests. At GRG, we know that differentiation is the key to ensuring that each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses are considered in the creation of responsive, innovative and engaging programs. All students undertake wide-ranging testing, including Allwell Testing, at various stages in their schooling at GRG – this practice gives the School comprehensive data and information that allows us to create an extensive learner profile for each student and provide individualised support and extension to every child enrolled at our school.

Gifted Education

K-12 Gifted Education at GRG aims to meet the unique needs of our gifted and high potential students in their social, emotional and academic development. Provisions for talent development are offered through a variety of subject, grade, and cross-faculty enrichment opportunities. Our teaching staff are committed to differentiating learning programs to incorporate extension and enrichment, flexible grouping, deep learning opportunities, and curriculum compacting, to provide the appropriate rigour needed to enhance the self-efficacy and wellbeing of our gifted and high potential students.

In addition to in-class differentiation, Primary Enrichment classes operate through a withdrawal program targeted for students with advanced talent, as well as giftedness, through a variety of English, Mathematics, STEM and coding units. In Years 7-8, a full-time Enrichment Class supports our gifted and high potential students. Teachers in these classes engage in professional development and collaboration to ensure high quality teaching and learning opportunities address the needs of our students.

Students across the School also have the opportunity to participate in academic competitions, Gala Days, Maths Olympiad, Gateway 8, Stage 6 Extension courses, debating, public speaking and writing competitions, as well as opportunities offered through external agencies such as Mindquest, Learning Labs and GERRIC.

Learning Support

GRG promotes the participation and engagement of all students within an inclusive educational environment. The Learning Support Team assists students with a broad range of cognitive, physical, sensory, and social-emotional additional learning needs.

Across the Primary and Secondary school, targeted student support includes evidence-based literacy intervention programs such as MiniLit, MaqLit, MultiLit and Spell It. Reading comprehension is a significant focus of individual and small group withdrawal programs. Learning Support Officers provide in-class support for students, as well as individual instruction and small group withdrawal for students requiring more subject specific support. Identification, implementation, and progress monitoring are key aspects of the support provided by the Learning Support Team at GRG.

Assessment Provisions are offered to students who require adjustments for in-class assessments, NAPLAN Examinations, and HSC Disability Provisions. The Learning Support Team encourages students to access assessment support and provides weekly assistance at Study Hub in the Senior Learning Centre.

Fostering inclusive planning and participation for all school activities, the Learning Support Team work closely with our incredible team of teachers, as well as allied health professionals, to monitor the specific needs of all our students, ensuring that every student experiences success.

GRG offers a private bus service, owned and operated by dedicated drivers employed by the School, and designed to offer students and their families extensive coverage around the area ensuring accessibility, consistency, safety, and reliability. 

  • Menai Run - Alfords Point, Menai, Illawong and Peakhurst Heights
  • Lugarno Run - Lugarno, Mortdale and Peakhurst
  • Oatley Run - Oatley, Peakhurst and Narwee
  • The Points Run - Wattle Grove, Holsworthy, Moorebank, Georges Fair, Voyager Point, Pleasure Point and Sandy Point.
  • Cabramatta Run - Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Fairfield, Lansvale, Guildford, Villawood and Chester Hill.

We also have two private companies Transit Systems and U-Go Mobility which are government-funded special bus services that run to the School from areas such as Holsworthy, Sandy Point, Voyager Point, Picnic Point, Chipping Norton, East Hills, Padstow, Panania, Revesby, Moorebank, Liverpool, Wattle Grove, Fairfield, Cabramatta, Sefton, Chester Hill and Bankstown.

HSC Results

Georges River Grammar congratulates the Class of 2023 for their exceptional HSC results. A full copy of the 2023 HSC Results Report can be accessed by clicking here.
This report provides a snapshot of GRG’s HSC and ATAR success.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are offered as part of the Higher School Certificate, enabling students to study courses which are relevant to industry needs and have clear links to post-school industry and training.

GRG offers Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses in Business Services, Construction Pathways, Hospitality (Kitchen Operations), Information, Digital Media & Technology, Retail Services and Tourism, Travel and Events. It should be noted that students must complete 70 hours of work placement over the two years of Stage 6 in order to fulfil VET course requirements.

Careers Education

Georges River Grammar facilitates an extensive career education program for students in Years 9 – 12. The program provides students with education, information, strategies, and access to a range of career development pathways. It aims to give students the knowledge they need to make well-informed choices and decisions in order to establish a smooth transition into post-school options. Students develop the skills necessary for entering the world of work and to foster resilience, independence, and maturity.

Weekly Careers lessons in Year 10 and the Year 10 Work Experience Week form a vital part of the GRG Careers Program. Extensive careers information and resources is made readily available to all students and parents.  Students in Years 9 -12 are encouraged to make regular contact with the Careers Adviser, who is available for individual subject, career and future planning discussions, including tertiary education and scholarship applications.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at our school please visit the following page:
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Message from the Principal

Georges River Grammar has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings almost 40 years ago. We are a diverse and collaborative community that has developed the reputation of being a school that ensures that each student genuinely feels safe, connected and has an authentic sense of belonging. Community is at the centre of all we do at GRG and is undeniably one of the School’s core strengths, entrenched in every facet of our school. Embracing inclusivity and diversity involves recognising, celebrating and appreciating the wide range of backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and experiences that students, staff and families bring to the School. We believe that involving parents and caregivers in an inclusive manner fosters a strong sense of community that encourages active participation in the School’s activities and decision-making processes.

GRG is also a school that genuinely caters for and supports the needs of all students by pursuing excellence in all facets of education: teaching & learning, student wellbeing, co-curricular and service learning.

Students need to be given the opportunity to discover and nurture their passions and at GRG we ensure that this is the case. Most importantly, students are at the centre of each and every decision. We provide individualised programs to cater for all our students so that each student is extended, challenged and supported in their own unique learning journey and achieves their goals, whatever those goals may be.

Our highly professional, committed and passionate staff at GRG have cultivated an environment where everyone feels respected and valued; a place where all students who enter our gates flourish academically, socially and emotionally. Empowered with the knowledge, skills and capabilities required in our ever-changing world, our students are developed into compassionate, resilient, engaged and accomplished lifelong learners.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website, which provides a snapshot of all the incredible opportunities we provide our students. We would be delighted to invite you and your child to visit our school and showcase the amazing learning opportunities that would be offered to them at GRG.

Ben Haeusler

Georges River Grammar celebrates the particular cultural diversity of the Canterbury-Bankstown area. Students from overseas enrich our School in many ways.

Georges River Grammar accepts the admission of International Students from around the world. International Students may be considered under the following criteria:

  • The prospective student must be living in Australia with a blood relative who will act as their legal guardian.
  • This blood relative must be 18 years old or older.
  • Prospective Secondary School students must provide the School with test results of an AEAS test. If the student is being enrolled in the Primary School, they do not have to demonstrate English proficiency particularly if they have been receiving instruction in English in their country of origin.
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