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Based in Mackay, Queensland, Whitsunday Anglican School is a leading co-educational day and boarding school, inspiring students through a culture of academic excellence, spiritual awareness, balance through co-curricular pursuits, and service to the community.
2-16 Celeber Drive
Mackay & Whitsundays
07 4969 2000
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At Whitsunday Anglican School, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities in learning and in life.
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Mr Andrew Wheaton
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  • P-12 Campus
  • Anglican
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From Year 6
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Culture / Tradition
  • Digital Technologies
  • Discipline
  • Early Learning Fundamentals
  • Educational Support
  • Employment Pathways
  • Faith / Religion
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  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
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  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Special Needs
  • Sport
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  • Chinese
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Based in Mackay, Queensland, Whitsunday Anglican School is a leading co-educational day and boarding school, inspiring students through a culture of academic excellence, spiritual awareness, balance through co-curricular pursuits, and service to the community.  We are regional Queensland’s top academic school.

Our School Mission:

Within a framework of Christian values, we provide an engaging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for the individual.

We are passionate about: 

  • Academic excellence and intellectual endeavour
  • Creating respectful, confident, energetic and resilient young men and women
  • Outstanding teachers who know our students
  • A culture characterised by community – a close-knit family from Kindergarten to Year 12
  • Personal growth and wellbeing
  • Global outlook, student diversity and inclusiveness
  • A balanced education, typified by strong co-curricular opportunities in Sport and the Arts, and supported by service to others
  • Providing a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Flexible pathways that meet the needs of the emerging economy and disruptive global environment

We value:

  • Respect, social responsibility and compassion, effort, tradition and cooperation
  • A strong, self-motivated work ethic
  • Culture and character – strong foundations for life
  • Emotional Intelligence, wellbeing and social development
  • Future-focused thinking and learning
  • Service, humility and community contribution
  • Well-balanced young men and women

Based in Mackay, Queensland, Whitsunday Anglican School is a leading co-educational day and boarding school, inspiring students through a culture of academic excellence, spiritual awareness, balance through co-curricular pursuits, and service to the community.  We are regional Queensland’s top academic school.

At Whitsunday Anglican School, we pride ourselves on providing opportunities in learning and in life. Our students build confidence, character and skills that go beyond school, in a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to thrive. We challenge and support our students to be the very best they can be – in the classroom and beyond.

Bright futures begin at Whitsunday Anglican School.


Whitsunday Anglican School offers a personalised approach to every boy and girl, strong leadership and pastoral care, and a holistic education that is supported by offerings that encompass a wide variety of sport, music, drama, academic extension and service opportunities.

In their senior years, students can choose between an ATAR or vocational pathways that serve to foster a lifelong love of learning.

Whitsunday Anglican School also offers a Homework Assistance and Tutorial Scheme (Senior School) free of charge. The Homework Assistance and Tutorial Scheme has been a unique part of the School’s offerings for over a decade. Students, formally from Year 5 onwards, are encouraged to be involved in this optional internal tuition program. Teachers in the Preparatory Year to Year 4 offer selective tutoring sessions before or after school each week.
Our students have access to outstanding facilities. The students are supported on their learning journey through access to the recently opened state-of-the-art STEAM Centre and library, airconditioned classroom facilities, specialist learning areas with cutting-edge technology, sporting fields, a multi-purpose Hall, and covered walkways, landscaped gardens and eating areas.

There is an on-site book and uniform shop, and students have access to tuckshop for meals during breaks.

Our leading pastoral care program focuses on the total wellbeing of our students includes access to a School Nurse and School Psychologist.

The School also prides itself on its extensive Co-Curricular Program which encourages students to step outside their comfort zone, develop new skills and provide balance within the School’s holistic approach to education. The activities on offer are broken down into five categories:

All students from the Preparatory Year through to Year 12 are encouraged to be involved. Students from Years 5 to 12 are expected to participate in at least one of the School’s co-curricular activities per semester. Student involvement in co-curricular activities is recorded on report cards at the end of each semester.

Boarding at Booth House, Whitsunday Anglican School is available for Years 6-12.

At Whitsunday, our Boarders build confidence, character and skills that go beyond school, in a safe and nurturing environment that allows them to thrive.  The Boarding students are part of a well-connected wider community that includes the School, friends and their family.

Our Boarders enjoy outstanding facilities, where they are supported by our School Nurse, School Psychologist, Boarding Housemother and experienced boarding staff.   Boarders are provided with exceptional nutritious meals that are catered for by one of our region’s leading professional catering and hospitality companies.  Lounges, study areas, kitchenettes, media, cutting-edge technology, the library and the state of the art STEAM Centre support them in their educational journey.

A bus service connects our 5-day boarders with the option to go home for the weekend, while 7-day boarding is also available.

Our values-led approach is complemented by leading pastoral care programs that focus on the total wellbeing of our students. Our students have access to an on-site School Nurse and School Psychologist.
We take a holistic approach and recognise that a well-balanced child is most likely to reach their full potential and develop in many areas.
We promote leadership development opportunities where students learn what it means to truly be a leader. Students are also actively encouraged to learn about and perform acts of service that contribute to the wider community
Our School structure, with year levels ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12, provides a close-knit, family environment that allows for mentoring opportunities and many positive interactions between our older and younger cohorts. We see the benefits of this structure every day and firmly believe it is one of the key advantages of the School. We have established buddy and mentoring programs that are inspiring and encouraging for our younger students and affirming, positive and constructive for our older students.
Our students within the Kindergarten and Junior School are further supported with the ‘You Can Do It!’ Early Childhood program within which we teach children the skills to be successful and happy in life, through confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, and emotional resilience. At this age we focus on self-regulation, manners, greetings, ‘dare to care’, ‘have a go’, tolerance and resilience
The Aristotle Emotional Intelligence (EI) program is supported through an established partnership with Swinburne University in Melbourne. Students across the Junior School are involved in the program that includes the development of foundations and building blocks leading towards pro-social behaviours.
We monitor student learning and offer a free after-school tuition scheme (HATS) led by specialist teachers from different faculties.
We have a proactive pastoral care program for students (and parents) providing support, guidance and education. We also offer career guidance and have a School Nurse, Chaplain and Psychologist on-site to support our senior students.
Alongside our exceptional teaching staff, our Senior School students are further supported by a dedicated management and leadership team:
- Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)
- Deputy Principal (Pastoral and Head of Senior School)
- Dean of Students (Years 7-8)
- Heads of House (Years 9-12)
- Years 9-12 House Tutors and Years 7-8 Tutors
- Dean of Service and Global Learning 
Our Core Values are:

(through social responsibility)
Characterised by faith in God, forgiveness, reconciliation, developing a sense of mission/purpose through service to, and compassion and care for others;

(through respect)
Characterised by openness to a broad range of ideas and concepts, accommodation of multi cultures and faiths, and inclusivity of a wide range of backgrounds;

(through effort)
Characterised by the pursuit of optimum outcomes for students in their academic, sporting and cultural endeavours by our explicit strategies to assist students to develop the habits of self-belief, persistence and resilience;

(through tradition)
Characterised by our expectations for a conservative approach to worship, dress, appearance, manners, language, social discourse, rituals and symbols;

(through cooperation)
Characterised by consideration of the needs of the group before the needs of the individual, expressed through collaboration, teamwork, honesty and consistency.
A leading co-educational regional school inspiring students through a culture of academic excellence, spiritual awareness, balance through co-curricular pursuits, and service to the community.
Within a framework of Christian values, we provide an engaging and supportive learning experience that achieves the best outcome for the individual.

Academic and Co-Curricular Excellence

We value academic rigour and a wide range of curricular and co-curricular pursuits including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths), English and Literature, Technology and Innovation, Sport, Music, Drama.

Motivation and High Standards

Staff and parents alike will tell you that our students are motivated to perform, with a passion for learning. They understand the expectations of our School and they willingly deliver in learning outcomes and responsible behaviour.

Creativity, Innovation and Progress

Our students are encouraged to ‘think for the future’ and outside the box, confidently forging creative solutions for tomorrow’s world.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Our students are supported to learn critical emotional management and interpersonal skills that are essential for future success and wellbeing. We have partnered with Melbourne’s Swinburne University to be the first in our region to implement a leading Emotional Intelligence program for students.

Global Learning Programs

Students at Whitsunday Anglican School are offered life-enriching cultural and travel experiences, thanks to our Global Learning and Cultural Exchange programs.


Our students are diverse in backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, reflecting the real world, enhancing our community and fostering friendships, respect, empathy and inclusion.

Anglican Faith

Parents choose our school because of the strong values that are interwoven into its fabric. Our values encourage our students to ‘serve’ others, creating future citizens that actively contribute to community.

Leading Regional School

Based in Mackay, adjacent to the beautiful Whitsunday region of the Great Barrier Reef, we are one of Australia’s leading regional schools. At Whitsunday Anglican School we combine the best of country hospitality with the high standards and opportunities of a premier city school, at a much more affordable price.


We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Whitsunday Anglican School.

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The School offers a comprehensive developmental Outdoor Education Program held in September each year. This program sees the whole school undertake a week of activities intended to focus on the growth and development of students as individuals, their ability to interact with others, and their ability to function within their environment. The Outdoor Education Program is an integral component of the total curriculum offerings and is compulsory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Whitsunday Anglican School, in conjunction with Bus Fox Mackay, has introduced a direct bus service to transport students to and from School. This service, exclusively for WAS students, is operated mornings and afternoons on school days and there are full time and casual fee options. There are two routes, one to the Pioneer Valley (as far as Mirani) and the second south to Sarina, via Mackay Central and Ooralea. We also offer a bus home for the weekend to our five-day Boarders to various locations.

To find out more about Scholarships available and testing please click here.

View our academic results here

Please visit the Whitsunday Anglican School website to read testimonials from past parents and students. 

Meet some of our Old Scholars

At Whitsunday Anglican School we value our network of past students and love to hear about what they are up to in their lives after School. All WAS scholars are part of our ‘Old Scholars’ community once they leave the school and are invited to reunions and networking events to enhance professional connections and simply catch up.

Attended 2005 to 2018

Imaan Ashraf has an impressive list of accolades to her name. The 2018 School Captain is now studying Medicine at James Cook University in Townsville and is well recognised in the community, winning a number of awards. Imaan has been recognised for her efforts in creating awareness of Islamic culture and was named a finalist Outstanding Young Achiever in the Queensland Multicultural Awards.

Attended 2011 to 2013

After finishing school, James studied a Bachelor of Communication Design at QUT. James is an animator who co-founded a company called Zerply which is based in San Francisco. He has worked on movies including Avatar, Iron Man 2, Happy Feet, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Attended 1990 to 1994

Along with a friend, Mark became fixed on paddling the length of the world’s biggest river, the Amazon and they became the 7th and 8th people ever to do so, taking 153 tough days and travelling more than 6000km. In 2012, Mark became the first person in history to kayak the entire length of North America’s longest river system, the Missouri-Mississippi, travelling over 6000km. Mark and his family now live in Malawi, Africa. He is the Chairperson for the implementation of the Judo for Peace program at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp and his partner is the British High Commissioner.

Attended 2005 to 2009

Dr Brendan Brieffies completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Science at James Cook University in Townsville in 2015. Brendan joined the Clermont Veterinary Surgery not long after graduation where he is now an Associate Veterinarian.

Attended 2005 to 2009

After completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University in Cairns and receiving the University Medal for academic achievement, Joseph returned home to Mackay and worked for Mackay Hospital & Health Service. He has now relocated to the United States to undertake further studies at the prestigious Ivy League University of Pennsylvania. Only one resident is accepted yearly into post-graduate residency. Joseph is studying a 4-year dual specialty in Periodontics-Orthodontics.

Attended 1990 to 1998

As the author and illustrator of nine picture books published around the world, including Little Wing and the popular Squish Rabbit series, Katherine’s books have been shortlisted for numerous awards, including the Crichton Award, the CBCA Book of the Year Awards and the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards. Photo credit: John W. MacDonald

Attended 1993 to 2002

Caroline Graham started her Journalism career at the Daily Mercury and is now an award winning journalist and university lecturer, who teaches journalism and creative writing at Bond University. She is also the co-writer/co-producer of Lost in Larrimah, a six-part literary true crime podcast published by The Australian in 2018. The series won several awards, including a Walkley Award.

Attended 2014 to 2017

In 2021, former School Captain Jake Magro was named a finalist in the AFR Top 100 Future Leaders. With past roles including Beta Alpha Psi USYD membership director, Amnesty International Club administrator, and Zonta Club treasurer, Jake’s experience has allowed him to continually grow in all facets of leadership. He was awarded the USYD Sydney Scholars Award Scholarship following his grade 12 results and is studying a Bachelor of Commerce & Advanced Studies at the University of Sydney.

Principal's Image

Welcome to Whitsunday Anglican School, a vibrant co-educational day and boarding school with a philosophy of personalised learning that drives an education of excellence. I trust as you look through this site you will sense the culture of our School, and get a feel for the environment we endeavour to create for our students and their families.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, we provide high quality teaching, and the time and support needed, to promote each student’s individual success. We find children learn best when they are happy, challenged and supported.

At the heart of our Whitsunday Anglican School Community we embrace Christian values and principles that ensure we pursue the best educational aspirations. Christianity through social responsibility, Tolerance through respect, Excellence through effort, Dignity through tradition, Trust through co-operation are the enduring Christian values that combine to give character to the tone of the School.

We are a Top 25 School in Queensland and the number one performing school in the Mackay region, based on consistently high NAPLAN results. Our Year 12 graduates step into life ‘beyond school’ confident, well equipped and ready. In 2020, 100% of our graduates were accepted into their university degree or vocational pathway of choice.

In our Junior years, we also attain excellent results and we are ranked QLD’s leading regional school for Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN results. However, most importantly, our Junior School delivers a balanced education that fosters a love of learning to last a lifetime.

There are many factors involved in our success, but perhaps the most striking is the investment made by teachers, parents and our students themselves into education. Staff at Whitsunday Anglican School are highly trained in their specialist areas. They are passionate about their work and genuinely care about their students.

We also value and welcome a close working relationship with parents and their active involvement in our increasingly international school community. In addition, we are exceptionally proud of the high standards our students set for themselves. They are motivated and encourage each other through positive attitudes, behaviour and application.

Our students are guided by a values framework and the School Motto, Spiritus Scientiae, the Sprit of Knowledge and we encourage them to be active participants in the wider community. They have the opportunity to ‘serve’ others locally and internationally, including trips overseas (for example to help build village facilities) or closer to home. We also offer many opportunities for students to develop their personal interests and passions, including in Sport, Music, Drama, Travel, Culture, Literature or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). The School encourages the pursuit of knowledge and service to others and to do this in an atmosphere where integrity, empathy and compassion are learned through authentic experience.

As a School we are highly active in the local community. Each year we host key events including the Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature Festival (the largest writers festival for young people in North and Central Queensland); and the Mackay Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp, an affirming event for children with special needs who are looked after for three days by our senior students. Our School is diverse in backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, enriching our school community and fostering friendships, respect, empathy and inclusion. As a parent myself, I know intimately how important the decision on where to send your child to school is. I have no hesitation in assuring you that your child will receive the individual support, guidance and care they need to thrive at Whitsunday Anglican School.

Andrew Wheaton




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