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Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne QLD

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Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne QLD
Lourdes Hill College is an independent Catholic school for girls, beautifully located on the Brisbane River in Hawthorne.
86 Hawthorne Rd
Brisbane Central & Inner-West
07 3399 8888
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Years 7 - 12
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Lourdes Hill College is an independent Catholic College for girls in Years 7 to 12, with a current population of over 1200 students.

Located in Hawthorne, directly across the Brisbane River from New Farm Park, the College is one of Brisbane’s most recognisable landmarks.

Founded in 1916 by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Lourdes Hill is a secondary College with more than 100 years of history. The College is proud to honour its past, whilst proactively looking toward the future and building positive pathways for its students.

The College was founded to orchestrate joyful and ambitious learning for every student, no matter what her interests or abilities are. All Lourdes Hill College students are treated as great learners and are encouraged to strive for personal excellence through a range of opportunities and support.

The College’s academic track record speaks for itself, but success is not judged by academic results alone. The test of true success is whether each student has been given the opportunity to step forward to reach her full potential.

The Lourdes Hill College approach to education draws on the insights and practices of Benedictine spirituality and the story of the Good Samaritan, emphasising the values that support holistic living. Students are encouraged to live out the practical Benedictine values of genuine community, compassion, effective listening and moral stability.The LHC curriculum is faith based, built on the College’s rich traditions, practical everyday spirituality and rules for living a good life. Students are encouraged to put their faith into practice by participating in homeless and disability outreach services, compassionate fundraising and connection and experience with ministries.

An extensive co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to indulge a passion, learn new skills, develop leadership abilities and provide service to the College and the community. Students can take part in any number of activities beyond the classroom across a range of areas including sport, drama, dance, music, public speaking and photography.

A Lourdes Hill College student knows the gift of her education, even while she is in the midst of it, and is always happy to have an opportunity to talk to prospective students and parents about what makes her school an academically challenging and joyful place to learn.

Fees: Visit

Location & Transport

Lourdes Hill College is conveniently located six kilometres from Brisbane's central business district and has ready access to bus, train and CityCat services. Morningside train station is an easy 10 minute walk from the College and Hawthorne CityCat terminal is a short five minute walk from the College. 

Students can also access local school and public transport services to the College from many suburbs. For more information please visit the Translink, Transdev and Mt Gravatt Coach & Travel websites.


Scholarships and Bursary Program

The education provided at Lourdes Hill College empowers our students to shape their future and make a difference in the world. Our Scholarship and Bursary Program allows us to extend these rich opportunities to more students who would like to develop and share their gifts and talents.

Lourdes Hill College provides several scholarship and bursary opportunities for current and prospective students. Recipients contribute significantly to the richness of our community. They share their often-considerable talents, they encourage other girls to be the best they can be, and they recognise their responsibilities to the College, their families and themselves.


The following scholarships are available to Australian students who are citizens or residents. Applicants are welcome to apply for more than one scholarship; however, only one scholarship can be awarded to an individual student.

Academic Scholarships

At Lourdes Hill College we have a long tradition of outstanding academic outcomes. Our emphasis is always on meaningful learning experiences. Our academic scholarships recognise and reward the pursuit and achievement of scholastic excellence.

Scholarships for First Nations Students

Mirragin is the local language word for 'star'. Our very successful Mirragin Program affords students a greater sense of identity and belonging within the College. It also provides social structures, pastoral care, and academic support.

We work with Community Elders to offer First Nations students the opportunity to explore and embrace their cultural identity. We acknowledge this responsibility as a key component of the reconciliation and healing journey within the College as articulated in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

The Aunty Joan Hendriks Scholarships is offered by the Lourdes Hill Foundation.

Mirragin Scholarship

The Mirragin Scholarship is awarded to selected First Nations students at the beginning of Year 7 (or the student's date of commencement) for the duration of their enrolment at Lourdes Hill College. The number of scholarships awarded is at the discretion of the Principal.

Aunty Joan Hendriks Scholarship

The Aunty Joan Hendriks Scholarship is awarded to selected First Nations students commencing in Year 10 and is offered by the Lourdes Hill Foundation.

Fee Assistance Program (Bursaries and Concessions)

The College’s Fee Assistance Program is a well-resourced fund that has been established to support College families facing financial hardship through discounted tuition. The program has been in place for many decades and has helped ensure support and secure the education and personal wellbeing of many current and past students and their families, who would not otherwise have the financial means to attend the College.

Entry to the College Fee Assistance Program is via an application process, managed by the College Principal and Business Manager, based upon recommendations received from the College Finance Manager.

This confidential process enables the College to best understand a family’s personal and financial circumstances and to tailor a support package that will provide the most beneficial and effective outcome for the family and the College.

Financial support received through the Fee Assistance Program is available in a number of forms and does not preclude access to Scholarships.

Access Bursary

Access Bursaries are designed to support families with significant and ongoing financial needs.

Enrolling families are able to submit an application for an Access Bursary prior to commencement, however, applications can also be made by existing families experiencing sudden and prolonged financial hardship following their commencement at the College. Endorsement of any bursary requires the family to attend an interview with the Principal.

Access Bursaries provide full or partial tuition fee support for a period of between one and six years. They are subject to periodic review and are provided based upon an expectation of mutual benefit. In this regard, the College holds an expectation that Bursary holders will maintain a high standard of academic engagement and behaviour while participating in the full life of the College.

Fee Concessions

Fee concessions are designed to support families through unexpected and/or short-term financial distress.

Application for Fee Concessions can be made at any time. Concessions offer partial tuition fee support for a period not exceeding one year, however, applications for fee assistance can be made across multiple periods where applicable.

All families receiving fee concessions are required to establish an approved payment plan for the remaining fees due.


For more information about our Scholarships and Bursary Program visit:

For confidential enquiries regarding Bursaries and Fee Concessions please email or contact the College Finance Manager on 3399 0509.

Someone to walk with you

When students first start at Lourdes Hill College their Big Sister writes them a letter. This letter tells them to be brave, be inspired and explore all LHC has to offer. A LHC Big Sister walks beside their Little Sister during her first few years at the College, guiding her on the LHC journey.  

A LHC Little Sister is welcomed to the College under the nurture of their Big Sister, creating a bond that is unique to the LHC Community. Their relationship promotes a supportive network of communication, belonging and connection.

The Lourdes Hill College ‘Big Sister Little Sister’ Program is a special, long-standing tradition of sisterhood that aims to build connections between the youngest members of the College and Senior School students.

This program is built upon the pillars of the LHC Stella Wellbeing Framework that aims to equip students with the strategies to build a flourishing life.

Lourdes Hill College Principal Mrs Kay Gleeson said the LHC Stella Wellbeing Framework is a proactive approach to wellbeing.

“Through the LHC Wellbeing Program, we aim to create a place of joy and love of learning, where students treat each other kindly, talk to staff and seek help when needed, and utilise skills and strategies to manage their own thoughts, emotions, and relationships,” she said.

Additionally, the program provides a unique leadership opportunity for every student in the Year 11 and 12 cohort, allowing all students to be role models.

Lourdes Hill College understands the importance of nurturing the development of students. This program pairs students to enhance peer nurturing between Senior School students and Middle School students.

At its core, this program is about friendship, belonging and comfort. There is often nothing more intimidating to a young person, than their first day at a new school.

“How will I make friends?”

“What if I get lost?”

“Will I fit in?”

These are common questions associated with starting a new school. Finding the place you belong in a community of over 1200 students can be difficult, but the Big Sister Little Sister program provides new students with a mentor in the form of a Big Sister.

Big Sisters and Little Sisters see each other every morning in homegroup, allowing for a designated time to check in and further their connection.

Throughout each year there are also opportunities for Big Sisters and Little Sister to spend lunchtimes together playing games and connecting.

Year 11 student and Big Sister Ava said being a Big Sister to her Little Sister Sofia is one of the most rewarding and anticipated ‘rites of passage’ LHC offers.

“On Sofia’s first day, I made sure to greet her with a gentle smile as there is nothing scarier than the first day of a big new school. Since then, I have been checking in with her daily and providing support wherever she needs.”

“As a Big Sister it really is the small things that count,” she said.

Being a Big Sister is also a positive developmental opportunity for Senior School students as they transition into the leaders of the College.

“I love being a Big Sister, as it has provided me with a sense of responsibility and helped me to develop my leadership skills.”

“By taking a leadership role as a Big Sister, gentle leadership skills of patience, tolerance, understanding and flexibility are learnt,” Mrs Gleeson said.

Year 7 student and Little Sister Sofia said her Big Sister Ava is her role model, friend and supporter at LHC.

“Ava made me feel safe and welcome and is always there for me to answer my questions. I feel happy knowing that I will have Ava by my side for the next 2 years,” said Sofia.

The circular nature of the Big Sister Little Sister program allows Little Sisters to embody the values their Big Sister taught them when they reach Senior School and become Big Sisters themselves.

The Big Sister Little Sister Program is unique to LHC with a priority of holistic education that stems from feelings of belonging, purpose and connection.

When a Big Sister writes her Little Sister a letter, she tells her to be brave, be inspired and feel connected to the welcoming community of Lourdes Hill College.

For more information about enrolling at Lourdes Hill College please visit or contact Mrs Colette Duvall, Director of Admission via

Principal's Image

Welcome to Lourdes Hill College

As Principal, I am dedicated to the holistic education of our students. I believe education can create empowered, informed confident young people of faith and wisdom who are inspired to walk purposefully to follow the call of Jesus to ‘create a better world.’

Lourdes Hill College has a strong faith tradition and deep connection to our three stories: The Parable of The Good Samaritan, the teachings in the Rule of St Benedict and the miracle at Lourdes.

These stories inspire us to be people of kindness and compassion, peace and community, hope and healing. We are called to find inner strength in our gentleness and bring this to our everyday lives. 

A Lourdes Hill College education epitomises fundamental elements of a leading secondary school. Through striving for academic excellence as part of a welcoming community our students are afforded a wealth of opportunities to thrive in a stimulated learning environment.

Students are challenged to engage in our Co-curricular program of Culture, Sport and Service with their wellbeing at the core of our holistic education. Our students are encouraged to explore their unique gifts and talents and respect individual differences. 

In 2023, our College Community embraces the opportunity to Cherish Creation. This year’s theme gives us the opportunity to be respectful to ourselves, to others and to the whole of creation. Inspiring in our students the importance of stewardship now and for future generations. 

I invite you to enjoy our website and or visit our campus for one of our scheduled tours or on Open Day in October. Come be a part of our community and discover all that is possible at Lourdes Hill College. 

With kindness, peace and hope. 

Mrs Kay Gleeson

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Lourdes Hill College, Hawthorne QLD


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