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What editions are available?

2024 Print and E-book Editions

Sydney Edition 2024 - Out Now
Queensland Edition 2024 - Out Now

2024 E-book

Sydney Edition 2024 - Out Now
Queensland Edition 2024 - Out Now
Victoria Edition 2024 - Out Now


2023 Print and E-book Editions

Sydney Edition 2023 - Limited copies available
Queensland Edition 2023 - Limited copies available
Victoria Edition 2023 - Out Now


• Sydney Edition - LAST MINUTE advertising space stilll available for 2025 edition

• Queensland Edition - advertising space OPEN for 2025 edition.

• Victoria Edition - advertising space CLOSED for 2024 edition



Australia's No.1... No Contest!

Schools Guide is Australia's premier non-government schools publication. Full Stop.

The trusted original since 1999.

With documented, actual distribution (over 1,500,000 copies distributed as of 2022).

Backed by Australia's most-visited private schools website.


QLD Cover 2024 smWhy Schools Guide?

Schools Guide is staffed by a friendly, family team of professionals. Trusted, honest and reliable since 1999. We don't say we'll deliver if we can't. We promise to offer schools the best possible products at reasonable prices and get your message out there. That's what we do and that's all we do. Every day. No lies. No tricks. We'll keep our promise to you and we guarantee it!

Don't know who to trust? Trust the original not the imitators.

There have been a proliferation of websites and 'publications' recently purporting to provide similar products to the Schools Guide. Many of those provide very little benefit to schools, if any. So it can be hard to sort the reputable from the rabble. Schools Guide delivers. Here's why...


10 reasons why Schools Guide is No1.

  1. Australia's number 1 schools website. That's a fact.
  2. Australia's most-distributed magazines of their kind. That's a fact.
  3. Private Schools Guide website was the first and is still the best. Fact.
  4. We send one of our staff to meet each school in person so you have a face you can trust.
  5. We focus only on non-government schools. We don't have lawyer directories or dentists websites. We don't do USA websites. We don't do guides to this and that and the other.  Just one focus - Australian non-government schools.
  6. We'll gladly provide any advertiser with our detailed list of hundreds of actual distribution points in each state. Check them for yourself. You can even tell us where you want it and we'll get it there.
  7. All copies are always free.
  8. Over 300 schools repeat their advertising year after year.
  9. We update our products each year with new and innovative improvements aimed at getting your message out there better than any other mediums.
  10. And many of our competitors (if you can call them that) continually copy our products and ideas. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery we'll take that as a compliment to our team.

Still Don't believe us? That's fine, we're happy to prove ourselves. Ask us about our Schools Guide Promise offer - advertise with us in the next edition and we'll deliver exactly what we promise. We won't require payment until you've received your copies of the finished publication. If you still don't believe us we'll go one step further. We'll let you hold off on your payment until after we've completed distribution in your area. Plus, we'll even let you tell us where you want it distributed. If it doesn't get there you pay nothing. That's our promise. None of our competitors can match that because they can't deliver. There is simply no need for you to ever advertise in any other similar publication. We've got you covered.


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Print + Web advertising

TWICE THE POWER, TWICE THE EXPOSURE - MULTIPLY THE RESULTS. No other product or medium can match the power of the Schools Guide magazines and website to attract viewers!

Advertise in the Schools Guide magazine and receive complimentary advertising upgrade on Schools Guide website. All print advertisers receive minumum Expanded Listing on the Schools Guide Website. Significant discounts also available for Platinum upgrade.

No other Schooling publication comes close to the exposure of the Schools Guide and no other Schools website can match our content and user experience. We've got both bases covered so your school advertising dollar can multiply its performance.

Private and Non-government Schools (and related businesses) have the opportunity to deliver cost effective, targeted advertising campaigns via the Schools Guide's vast network of distribution and promotions, reaching parents and students on a colossal scale. Our magazines achieve unrivaled exposure and are produced in full-gloss colour allowing schools to present themselves in the best possible light and to focus readers' attention however they want it. Plus...our new website is now a world-class mega-site that gives schools superior advanced options, and parents a first rate user experience. Massive numbers of page hits and high search engine position means that the Schools Guide Website is THE source for information on Australia's private schools... and it's growing all the time. We are continually updating and enhancing our site with new features to make finding the right school a breeze.

Find out more about our print and web advertising below.


Print advertising benefits

Why advertise in the Schools Guide print version?

  • Remarkably reasonable rates
  • Reaching parents and students locally and international students from around the world
  • Cost effective advertising including both PRINT and WEB
  • Eye-catching full colour - full gloss advertisements
  • Reference-type format encourages repeated reading and hence repeated exposure of your message to readers
  • Free Graphic Design. Can't extend the budget to fund a graphic design agency? That's no problem, our design team will create a unique advertisement for your school at absolutely no additional cost.
  • The Schools Guide has proven, over many years, to get results
  • 12 full months exposure
  • More copies distributed than any other guide of its type in Australia
  • Heavily distributed to all areas. In fact if there's a venue you'd like to see the guide that we haven't reached, just let us know and we'll get it there! Distribution requests are available to all advertisers in the Guide. (Please note: we will do our best to meet all reasonable requests however some venues may not be possible to reach)
  • The first place a parent will search for a school is the Schools Guide
  • Backed by our 5 star website presence.
  • Free Schools Guide website listing upgrade. All advertisers in the print version of the Schools Guide receive a minimum Expanded Listing on this website. Professional website assistance is also available free from our web design team.
  • Free editorial space. All advertising schools receive complimentary editorial space equivalent to the size of their advertisement.


Print Distribution

Over 1,500,000 copies distributed so far (as at June 2022).

Selected Child Care Centres, Real Estate Agents, Doctor's Surgeries, Dentist's / Orthodontist's Surgeries, Private Hospitals (Maternity Wards), Defence Community Organisations, I.C.P.A, Information Centres, Public Libraries, Education Offices, Ministerial Offices, Catholic Education Offices, The Association of Independent Schools and Schools.

Primary Schools & Child Care Centres in QLD, NSW & N.T, Relocation Agencies nationally, Public Libraries, Information Centres

80 + Countries, Australian Consulates, Embassies and Education Offices in many countries across the globe, State Development Offices World-wide, Austrade Offices.


Print Advertising Costs

We offer a wide range of advertising options to suit every budget. Please contact us for more information.

07 5646 5505

Contact us to find out how you can advertise.



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