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Northern Beaches Christian School - Terrey Hills NSW

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Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS)
Our aim is to develop a culture that brings out the best in our students – in their learning, in their character, in the opportunities they take, the friendships they develop, and in understanding the message of the God who loves them.
1 Echunga Road
Terrey Hills
PO Box 230, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
Sydney North, Sydney Northern Beaches
(02) 9450 1311
To find out what vacancies we currently have, visit:
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Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action

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You have made learning fun, engaging and fuelled a growing passion to learn that they will carry all their lives. There is absolutely no price that can be placed on that gift.
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Virtual Tour

NBCS Virtual Primary School Tour from NBCS on Vimeo.

NBCS Welcome to Secondary Tour

Tim Watson
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About Us

Northern Beaches Christian School is a vibrant Christian, independent, co-ed school in Terrey Hills (Sydney) for students in Kindergarten to Year 12. Our aim is to develop a culture that brings out the best in our students – in their learning, in their character, in the opportunities they take, the friendships they develop, and in understanding the message of the God who loves them.

School is a time when students grapple with the ontological questions of “who am I?” and “how can I be me?” Our job, in partnership with families, is to enable students to address these questions and develop answers that will shape them on the journey to adulthood. Our hope is that together we can build an enriching school community that inspires a love of learning and the growth of our students.

Within our world class facilities, we expect a positive learning culture, a safe, welcoming environment, wise use of technology, positive communication and a nurturing Christian community. Our aim is to offer consistent and high expectations for our students and provide them with the resources to meet these expectations. We expect much from our students because they are capable of much.

Our curriculum follows the NSW Education Standards Authority.
Our award-winning modern learning facilities are the envy of many other schools,
Our Vision is: Love Learning.

The direction and focus of our love determine who we are and who we become. The role of NBCS, in partnership with families, is to help direct the loves of its students – love of learning, love of others and love of God. With an emphasis on transformation, not just information, we are intent on shaping the whole person. A love of learning will see our students take hold of the many opportunities on offer at school, doing their best in the challenges that come their way.
Our Mission:
The NBCS community values the reality of a shared Christian faith. Our mission, Excellence in Education - Christianity in Action, places faith and education at the heart of all that we do. We want this confident hope to drive the perspective of our students into the future and to be the catalyst for individual spiritual understanding and growth, while providing experiences that put faith in action.

Northern Beaches Christian School runs tours on regular school days so prospective parents can see the school in action, meet some of its students and hear from the Principal. We invite you to book a tour today at the following link:

Located in the leafy suburb of Terrey Hills on Sydney's Northern Beaches, our school is surrounded by the beautiful Kur-ring-gai Chase National Park bushland.

An extensive bus network brings the majority of students to Northern Beaches Christian School, from Palm Beach to Cremorne on the beaches, Hornsby to Ryde in the west, and everywhere in between.  Even Kindy students enjoy the independence of travelling safely to and from school on buses, and are matched with older ‘Bus Monitor Buddies’.

To view our bus schedules and timetables, visit our website here:

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"We chose NBCS for the school’s values, facilities and quality teachers. It has exceeded our expectations. It has a fabulous pastoral care/wellbeing program."
- Year 6 parent

"I have been extremely happy with the school, as are our kids. They talk very highly of the teachers and overall school experience. It caters for all kids - academic, sporty and creative."
- Year 8 parent

"The 'Love Learning' philosophy is really a living, breathing value and influences the teaching approach in the primary school. The pastoral care is excellent and I have found when there is an occasional issue, the school is genuinely prepared to partner with you."
- Primary parent

"My children (Year 12 and Year 7) have both been at NBCS since Kindergarten. They have different interests, but they are both happy, thriving and have a very strong sense of community and responsibility."
- Secondary parent

"With four kids at NBCS, in Primary and Secondary, I can definitely recommend NBCS. They have a strong wellbeing team and the mentor groups are beautiful."
- Secondary parent

"This school has a culture where everyone is accepted. In Primary, the wellbeing structure and friendship foundations teach students how to navigate friendships."
- Year 6 parent


A chat with Aryan Ilkhani ... 

  • ATAR 99.95 in the 2022 HSC
  • NSW All-rounder
  • 5th in NSW in Modern History

In 2022, we celebrated two graduates, Aryan Ilkhani and Jacob Murray, who both achieved the rare academic feat of a perfect ATAR of 99.95. We chatted to Aryan to find out his plans for the future and how NBCS supported his learning journey.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

I’m studying law and commerce, majoring in finance at the University of Sydney. It’s what I always wanted to do and it framed my HSC goals. Commerce/law is quite difficult but I’m really enjoying law and I think I’d eventually like to go into corporate law. I’ve also joined lots of clubs at university and I work two jobs, one day a week for each. The first is tutoring Year 10 and Year 12 students in maths at Dr Du Education and the second is as an Electorate Officer, doing constituent correspondence for my local Federal MP Paul Fletcher.

How well do you think NBCS prepared you for university?

I think it was great. I think the school has hit a sweet spot (of balance) between its emphasis on wellbeing and academics. Life isn’t just about having the ability to do maths equations, it’s also about friendships and social skills and having opportunities to get involved in a lot of activities other than academics. I had a great time at NBCS.

How did NBCS help you excel academically?

I think all my teachers were great. They were willing to help us and put their time into marking past papers, looking over drafts and giving feedback. I was most uncertain about English and Mrs Clarke (Year 12) and Mr Clarke (Year 11) both really supported me and took my English to a whole new level.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at our school please visit the following page:
Principal's Image

I often think about what students need by the time they leave school. As a school, we want them to take their place in the wider world, to contribute, to enjoy what life has to offer and to enrich the lives of others.

Education is bigger than academic outcomes because it’s about the whole person. The following are six things that in the partnership between school and home, we should develop in our students. VELCRO makes it easier to remember and reminds us that these are the things we want to stick.

Values: Our school values of Gratitude, Respect, Courage, Compassion and Commitment will help our students navigate life and human interactions. They help direct our energies and our approach to others and self.

Effort: Without effort, very little of significance is achieved. Together we remind our students of the value and satisfaction derived from working hard, from giving things their best shot, from knowing that anything worthwhile in life, work or relationships requires our commitment and time.

Learning: The best definition of learning that I can manage is this: the ability to make sense of the unknown by connecting it to the known. In a world of much uncertainty, the more we know, the more readily we can interpret and make sense of it.

Character: Character is who we are when no one is looking. It is the essence of our selves. We understand that for our students, home and family are the key determinants of character, but at NBCS we have daily opportunities to work with students and support families in developing character.

Relationships: The quality of our relationships is at the heart of a successful and fulfilling life. The ability to relate to an array of people, to consider the needs of others, to be selfless, and to navigate from parent to peer in our teenage years is critical. As adults, whether parents or teachers, we help to create the space for this development to happen.

Opportunity: We aim to open the future to our students. We do this by providing opportunities along their school journey, the chance to try new things, to find and grow their loves, whether in Drama, Debating, Music, Sport, Poetry, Film, Robotics, Coding or Service. We launch our students into a world of opportunity through an education that enables them to make the most of what’s to come.

We are proud of our students. We enjoy, value and appreciate our community. As a staff, we delight in the prospect of preparing our students for life today, tomorrow, and beyond. What they take with them is their education, which is who they are as well as what they know.

Tim Watson

Every December, we celebrate the culmination of 13 years of learning by our graduates when the NSW Higher School Certificate results and Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranks (ATARs) are released.

At Northern Beaches Christian School, we recognise that excellence and success look different for every student, and we are delighted for all who give it their best shot.

We know our students as individuals and want to celebrate them as that. We celebrate our students’ efforts as well as their results, their character as well as their achievements. We recognise the vital role and support of teachers and families, who support and cheer on our Year 12s to put in their best effort in order to have as many post-school opportunities as possible.

Our vision is Love Learning and our aim is that through this vision, our students will leave school ready and equipped to take their place in the world, to explore new opportunities, and to make a difference and contribution for good.

Our HSC results are also an indicator of the success of our teachers, leaders and support staff to provide the necessary learning and structures that ensure students can do their very best in the classroom. Our outstanding results are evidence that NBCS provides the pathways, activities and quality teaching that enable students to thrive and achieve at the highest level.

We invite you to read a summary of our most recent 2023 HSC results at the link below.

View a summary of our outstanding 2023 HSC results

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Northern Beaches Christian School - Terrey Hills NSW


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