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Northholm Grammar School - Arcadia NSW

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Northholm Grammar School
Northholm Grammar School is an independent, co-educational K-12 school welcoming families of Sydney’s Hills and Hornsby Shires since 1983. It’s the school of choice for parents seeking a cohesive K-12 experience for their child.
79 Cobah Road
Sydney North, Sydney North-West
(02) 9656 2000

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An education as distinct as your child
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Christopher Bradbury
  • Early Learning
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School
  • Primary through Secondary
  • Single School Location
  • Independent
  • Anglican
  • Christian
Kindergarten - Year 12
K-2: $10,100
3-4: $11,120
5-6: $13,760
7-10: $18,300
11-12: $19,900
  • Academic Achievement
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Community
  • Creative Arts
  • Employment Pathways
  • Music
  • Pastoral Care / Guidance
  • Personal Values
  • Resources / Facilites
  • French
  • Athletics (Track & Field)
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country Running
  • Diving
  • Equestrian
  • Netball
  • Rugby Union
  • Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Triathlon

Northholm Grammar School is a vibrant and supportive environment where young people can develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes they need to live a rich and purposeful life as future global citizens. While our students enjoy the benefits offered by small class sizes and the tranquil nature of our semi-rural location, we are profoundly aware of our responsibility to ensure they are prepared for life in an increasingly complex world. At Northholm, young people become successful, confident and articulate individuals with a strong sense of commitment to each other, to their community, to those who are less fortunate and to the natural environment. I look forward to welcoming you to Northholm and sharing our exciting vision for the future as a place of quality education for all. 

Christopher Bradley



Northholm Grammar School is an independent, co-educational K-12 school welcoming families of Sydney’s Hills and Hornsby Shires since 1983. It’s the school of choice for parents seeking a cohesive K-12 experience for their child. Students thrive on their learning journey, motivated to achieve and supported by a caring team. Northholm is a school with inclusive Christian values, in the Anglican tradition, we welcome families of all faiths and embrace diversity and inclusivity.  

Northholm is the hidden gem of the district, closely connected to the Hills and Hornsby Shires. the idyllic campus, nestled in natural bushland, provides the space and opportunity to flourish. Northholm Grammar’s modern teaching and learning spaces include advanced information technology resources, science laboratories and specialist Music, Drama, Art and Design and Technology facilities. The campus also features a working farm, Agriculture Trade Training Centre, a sensory garden, extensive fields and courts, and an indoor Sports Centre.

Northholm Grammar was founded on a vision to create a caring school that would know and nurture its students, with inspiring teachers who motivate them to give their best, and a campus environment that enhances the adventure of learning.  Almost 40 years on, this vision is just as relevant as students, parents and staff strive together as a community for the common goal of academic, pastoral and co-curricular achievement. 

Northholm students build real relationships with peers and teachers, as they travel along their individual learning path, secure in the knowledge that they belong. Academically rigorous, but non-selective, he school caters for all students and proudly stands for excellence and aiming for your personal best. a Northholm education is distinctive, students are encouraged to serve others, to find their purpose and are instilled with the determination and character to succeed.

Whether your child is academically gifted, shines on a creative stage, shows promising sporting ability or aspires to lead others to positive change, students at Northholm are respected for who they are and valued for what they can achieve. We will discover and nurture each child’s talents through a tailored learning experience with a Learning Support Team who monitor the progress of students providing in-class support, small group and individual tuition. Students who wish to be challenged beyond the core content have a range of clubs, co-curricular options and enrichment activities to choose from.

Learning at Northholm is enriched with opportunities to foster the intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development of our students. Personal growth is encouraged through pastoral care, a leadership program, music and drama programs, and a chapel program. A Service Learning Program enables all students to grow through participation in year based service initiatives, charity events, fundraising and outreach programs. 

As a non-selective school Northholm provides a flexible curriculum that is responsive to the differing educational needs of our students. This flexibility allows us to cater for the wide range of abilities within each class so that each individual student is able to develop as a self-directed learner with the ability to adapt to new challenges and different contexts as they feel ready.

This approach includes opportunities for all students to engage in activities that require higher order thinking and the ability to clearly communicate an understanding about what they’ve learned through a range of well-formed arguments and opinions that can be applied to real life scenarios. The connection between lessons learned inside the classroom and what happens outside forms a critical part of Northholm’s approach to teaching and learning as it enables teachers to utilise the many opportunities provided by our wonderful rural setting.
Within an easy 25 minute drive from Hornsby or Castle Hill, Northholm enjoys the benefit of a tranquil, semi-rural setting away from traffic noise and urban pollution. Situated on 10 hectares the school is within easy reach of the Hills District, the Upper North Shore and the Hawkesbury Valley. The contained site enhances the schools sense of community and its proximity to natural bushland provides easy access to outdoor education.

As the nature of schooling continues to change there is increasing pressure on schools to develop facilities that maximise learning opportunities for students. Nowhere is this more important than in the provision of specialist facilities that support different forms of learning including the integration of the latest developments in information technologies.

At Northholm our facilities include:
- Modern Teaching and Learning Space
- Advanced information technology resources
- Science laboratories
- Specialist Music Centre
- Library and Information Centre
- Art Centre
- Design and Technology Centre
- Drama Studio
- Agriculture Trade Training Centre
- Working Farm
- Sports Centre
- Extensive playing fields and outdoor courts
- Sensory Garden
- Natural bushland for cross-country and outdoor pursuits
- Canteen

While we enjoy the benefits afforded by these facilities the school is aware of its global responsibility and is actively promoting practices that will reduce our institutional carbon footprint and encourage students to develop more sustainable living habits.

Northholm offers its students a broad Co-curricular Program. Opportunities are provided through the Arts Program, the Sport Program, School Clubs and Outdoor Education.


Co-curricular music is a vital part of life at Northholm and students are actively encouraged to participate in the extensive music program. The current participation of more than one third of the school in music ensembles demonstrates an extraordinarily high level of involvement and allows the school to offer a diverse range of musical activities.

Students of any age are able to select from a broad range of instruments including woodwind, brass, string, percussion or vocal. Students can choose to join one or several of the many groups including Concert Bands, Stage Band, Choirs and Rock Bands as well as Flute, String, Percussion, Brass and Guitar ensembles and are placed according to their ability.

Performance opportunities are offered through the school’s three day Music Camp, Jazz Cafe, the Yamaha Festival, Annual Music Showcase Concert, Carols Night and Speech Night. There are also performance opportunities at assembly, at lunchtime, in the evenings and on weekends.


Drama productions for the Junior School, Years Seven and Eight and the Senior Years are a feature of Northholm. Students are able to learn valuable skills as either members of the cast or crew. Younger students are also able to experience the benefits of drama through lunchtime groups.


Additional art classes are available for students who wish to participate in art activities beyond the designated number of school hours. Classes after school or at lunchtime are given by practising artists in drawing and ceramics. Northholm students regularly receive prizes for artworks displayed at the Castle Hill Show and the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Agriculture Clubs

A range of activities is on offer to Northholm students interested in Agriculture. Students in the Junior School can join the Animal Handling Club and the Eco Warriors group, while students in the Senior School can be involved in the Cattle Club and the Bush Regeneration Group.

Several Show Teams are open to those Senior students with an interest in cattle, sheep and poultry.

Other Clubs

Other clubs are also on offer to Northholm students. In the Senior School, Science Club offers students the chance to extend their interest in scientific experiments. Students can also participate in the Max Potential Program, Bush Regeneration, STEM Club and the Rural Fire Service Cadets. Students in Years Five and Six have the opportunity to participate in debating and represent the school in the IPSHA Debating competition. Junior School students can also participate in Lego Club, the Eco Warriors Group and Coding Club. Students from Years One to Six can attend supervised Homework Club, while those in Years Seven and Eight have the opportunity to attend Study Boost after school, where teachers are available to assist with assignments.

Northholm has a very successful Equestrian Team who compete in a range of events throughout the year. While there are no equestrian facilities at the school there are opportunities for the agistment of horses on nearby properties.

Pastoral Care: enhancing spiritual and personal growth

Pastoral care has been an integral part of Northholm’s program since the School’s foundation.

Our pastoral care system is structured to provide a network of support, encouragement and guidance for every student in our care so that no student feels lost or overwhelmed.

The House System

Each student belongs to one of four Houses – Capell, Lincoln, Patteson or Rowland. Within this House structure, students are given the opportunity to know each other through a range of diverse activities. These activities help students understand the different attitudes and values of others and encourage friendships across the year levels.

Years K-6

In the Junior years the general welfare of each student is the responsibility of the class teacher. While students in these years may meet on occasion as mixed aged groups for a specific purpose such as a House meeting, the classroom teacher is the primary contact person on any matters relating to each student. The classroom teacher is also responsible for any communication with families or specialist staff relating to specific needs and issues of concern. Junior School students participate in House based activity groups once a week. This enables students from Kindergarten to Year Six to mix with different age groups and teachers  whilst developing team spirit.

Year 7

In Year Seven the role of tutor is the responsibility of one of the student’s Core Teachers who spends a significant part of each week with their tutor group. Tutors also play a critical role in helping the students in their care to identify and achieve their goals according to their interests, talents and needs. The tutor is the first point of contact for parents about issues or concerns relating to a student’s wellbeing or development.

Year Seven students are also placed in a House Tutorial Group. This Group forms the basis for their pastoral care in Year Eight.

Years 8 – 9

Year Eight students are cared for by a Tutor. They remain in this Tutorial Group for two years.

Years 10 – 12

At the beginning of Year Ten students move to a Senior Tutorial and remain in this group until they graduate at the end of Year Twelve. In Senior Tutorials the role of a Tutor changes to that of a coach.

Counselling Services

Two specialist counsellors are available to assist students and their families in matters relating to their personal, academic and social wellbeing. Both counsellors have established networks of support and are able to provide advice on external service providers.

Circle Solutions

In recent years all tutors have undertaken training in a program called ‘Circle Solutions’. The strategies that are integral to this program ensure all students are included in tutor discussions and activities. Pastoral issues such as cybersafety, peer pressure and bullying, as well as academic priorities such as goal setting and study skills are addressed during these sessions.

Anti-Bullying Practice

The School does not tolerate bullying of any form and is proactive in its efforts to maintain a culture where students feel safe. This includes the regular delivery of programs and workshops to inform students of their rights and responsibilities in respect of both themselves and others.


The School has very clear practices in regard to cyber safety. These include the regular revision of policies to provide currency of practice, appropriate security measures for the school’s IT infrastructure and regular briefings on cybersafety for staff, students and parents.

The School is currently preparing to become a registered eSmart school.

Our Values
In 2015 as part of the development of the current Strategic Plan the School Community were invited to articulate what they considered to be the underpinning values of the School. It was a surprisingly easy exercise as the community had a shared understanding and commitment to promoting the following values in all aspects of the School’s operation. These values are now the benchmark for evaluating the School’s effectiveness in meeting its obligation to all members of the school community.

RESPECT – We respect our own and others’ worth and rights.

INTEGRITY – We act with honesty and do not compromise the truth.

RESPONSIBILITY – We act with concern for others and for our environment.

LOYALTY – We are supportive of each other and fulfil our commitments.

EXCELLENCE – We pursue excellence in everything we undertake.

INNOVATION – We show initiative in discovering creative solutions to problems.

PASSION – We engage in all activities with energy, excitement and determination.

PURPOSE – We seek opportunities to enrich our lives through meaningful activities.
To position Northholm as a centre of excellence in the educational community through our unique ability to nurture young people while challenging them to excel.
To develop the intellectual, cultural, creative and spiritual capacities of young people so that they are empowered to embrace the future with confidence and compassion.

Due to current restrictions, we are unable to host our Open Days and School Tours.

In the meantime, we invite you to connect with our Head of Enrolments to find out more about our beautiful campus and all that Northholm has to offer.

For enquiries, please contact us at


We’re Closer Than You Think

Northholm attracts students from the Hills District, the Upper North Shore and the Hawkesbury Valley. Established bus links from surrounding suburbs as well as Pennant Hills and Beecroft Stations, provide transport to and from school.

For the most up to date timetable, please visit for the latest School Bus Timetables from Hills Bus or visit and use the Trip Planner application.

The Northholm Mini Bus services the Kellyville/Rouse Hill area. There is a minimal charge per term for the use of this service. Further information about this service is available from the school by calling 02 9656 2000

A limited number of scholarships covering full or part tuition fees are awarded each year to both new and continuing students entering Year Seven and Year Eleven. These scholarships acknowledge excellence in academicall round, and outstanding ability in music.

Applicants in each of the above categories are required to sit for an ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) scholarship test as well as satisfy other specific criteria set by the school. The final determination in the awarding of scholarships is at the discretion of the Principal. All students in receipt of scholarships are expected to demonstrate an excellent work ethic and be actively involved in the wider life of the School. All scholarships are subject to an annual review.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are awarded to inspire and develop intellectual curiosity and to encourage students to strive for excellence in all of their pursuits. Academic Scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of the ACER Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program results. In addition to their results in the ACER test, students are required to provide evidence of high academic achievement from other sources such as school reports, certificates awarded for State and National competitions or recent documents and portfolios of work from outside agencies.

Music Scholarships

In addition to sitting the ACER Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program, students wishing to apply for a Music Scholarship must attend an audition at the school for their chosen instrument/s. It is recommended that Piano students applying for a Year Seven Music scholarship have achieved either a Grade 5 or above (AMEB, Trinity or equivalent). All other instruments including Voice must be Grade 3 or above (AMEB, Trinity or equivalent). For students applying for a Year Eleven Music scholarship a Grade 6 standard or above is expected for all instruments including Voice.

Year 7 scholarships are  tenable for the duration of a student’s high school program. Year 11 scholarships are tenable for two years. Part and full remission of tuition fees may be awarded.

All Round Achievement

The All Rounder Scholarship recognises those students who have demonstrated a high standard of academic achievement across the curriculum and an outstanding achievement in at least two other non-academic fields. Non-academic fields can include but are not limited to Performing/Creative Arts, Debating/Public Speaking, Sport, Leadership, Christian or Community Service.

Please contact the Registrar, on 96562000, with all scholarship enquiries.


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  Alannah Trestrail

The range of co-curricular and leadership opportunities at Northholm have been especially beneficial in helping to build my confidence as an individual to the stage that, in my final year,  I am loving being School captain and representing the School, something I never thought would or could happen. I have always felt supported by my teachers and peers, there is a really strong sense of community at Northholm.

I have genuinely strong relationships with all my teachers as the classes are not too large. My teachers know me personally; my strengths, weaknesses and everything necessary to help me do well, which is so important in my HSC year. I feel confident that I am being prepared to do my best which definitely helps reduce any stress I feel from time to time in my final year.

I love the strong sense of community; everyone can feel comfortable being themselves at Northholm. I also love the range of opportunities at Northholm across the board for a variety of interests and just the natural environment that we can be immersed in every day.

 Alannah Trestrail
Year 12 School Captain 2019

  Banjo Lorenz

I love the feeling of community at Northholm. I feel that when I leave my family in the morning to come to school I am coming to my other, much bigger family.

I really like knowing everyone. The small class sizes are great and as one of the School Captains I have got to know many more students in all the other year groups. With the Junior School on the same campus as the Senior School I’m also getting to know some of these students too.

I have an amazing teacher who is so passionate about us learning that it’s impossible not to be excited about learning too. He is our classroom teacher but we also have specialist teachers for Drama, Library, Music, Sport and Visual Arts. I feel like there is so much variety of subjects here that it is exciting to come to school every day.

 Banjo Lorenz
Year 6 Junior School Captain 2019


Joel Cassar Alum Porfile pic

2019 Graduate Joel Cassar heads to Western Sydney University to study Medicine. 

Following a successful final year, Northholm Grammar alumnus Joel Cassar has taken the next steps towards his goal of becoming a doctor by beginning a degree in Medicine at Western Sydney University this year. At Northholm, Joel was a School Prefect and scored a brilliant ATAR of 97.30., achieving Band 6 results in Mathematics Extension I, Mathematics Extension II, and Chemistry and scoring high Band 5 results in both English Advanced and Physics.    

"After graduating from Northholm Grammar, I am currently studying a Doctor of Medicine degree at WSU and hoping to eventually specialise as an oncologist”, Joel says. “I am also looking forward to working for several years after graduation in rural Australia as part of a special program that helps to meet the demand for doctors in areas which have workforce shortages.” 

Joel fondly recalls his time at Northholm Grammar and values highly the constant reinforcement he received regarding the importance of setting goals, aiming high and working tirelessly to achieve his aspirations.  

“While at Northholm I enjoyed the small classes sizes and subsequent academic support available to me from the teachers. I also really enjoyed the variety of leadership opportunities available to me toward the end of my time at school.” 

Joel developed a hardworking approach to his studies, with an emphasis on improving and being consistently responsive to the feedback provided by his teachers. These methods, as well as forging strong study relationships with his peers, proved to be a catalyst for success.     

“The best advice I can give to students sitting the HSC is definitely to maximise your use of past papers. They are an invaluable resource in the lead up to the final exams. Even if you don’t have time to actually complete the past paper, quickly reading through the given answers can often be just as valuable.” 

If you are interested in employment opportunities at our school please visit the following page:

From the Principal

Northholm Grammar School is a vibrant and supportive environment where young people can develop the knowledge, skills and personal attributes they need to live a rich and purposeful life as future global citizens. While our students enjoy the benefits offered through personalised learning and the tranquil nature of our semi-rural location, we are profoundly aware of our responsibility to ensure they are prepared for life. Northholm is strongly committed to the growth and success of each student both in school and beyond, ensuring their wellbeing in a caring, supportive and nurturing community.

As a school that supports Christian values we actively encourage our students to be generous in nature, tolerant in thought and compassionate in action. Our students have the ability to develop caring, sensitive relationships based on strong self-discipline which enables them to not only withstand the many negative influences which our modern society holds up as worthwhile, but also to see the shallowness of these influences. We recognise the critical importance of preparing young people with a holistic education so they can flourish academically, socially, physically, culturally and spiritually.

Our teachers are dedicated, passionate, motivated and inspirational educators with expertise in curriculum and relationship building capacity. They are actively involved in the many different aspects of school life and support our students experientially in diverse environments where risk is acknowledged and managed for authentic growth to occur, through both failure and success in building resilience, curiosity and courage. This approach is fundamental to the nature of our dynamic and innovative context, where teaching and learning is informed and shaped by the latest thinking in education and students are prepared for the realities of life in our world beyond school. Northholm firmly believes that the best learning occurs in an environment where students are happy, known and supported by staff who demonstrate expertise and dedication in fields whilst promoting high standards and expectations.

Teachers and students are supported by parents in this three cornered partnership which has personal best as its ultimate aim. Distinctive people, values, learning spaces and experiences distinguish a Northholm education to that of its competitors. Parents and schools need to be at one in keeping school education anchored in values which promote true human dignity of the person and which help to build a just and caring society. We provide regular opportunities for parents to meet with tutors and classroom teachers to celebrate their children’s achievements and discuss their changing needs through our pastoral care structure and school communication systems. The strong sense of community that is built through these practices is further supported by opportunities for parents to interact with other members of the school community at both school events and social group activities.

In considering Northholm as your school of choice for the education of your children, know that they will be respected for who they are and valued for what they can achieve. At Northholm, young people become successful, confident and articulate individuals with a strong sense of commitment to each other, to their community, to those who are less fortunate and to the natural environment.

I look forward to welcoming you to Northholm and sharing our exciting vision for the future as a place of quality education for all.

Christopher Bradbury, Principal


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Northholm Grammar School - Arcadia NSW


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