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Pacific Lutheran College is a coeducational Kindergarten - Year 12 College of the Lutheran Church of Australia, located at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.
Woodlands Boulevard
Meridan Plains
Sunshine Coast
07 5436 7300
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Kindergarten - Year 12
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  • Academic Achievement
  • Creative Arts
  • Educational Support
  • Faith / Religion
  • Numeracy / Literacy
  • Performing Arts
  • Science/Technology
  • Sport
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Pacific Lutheran College is a coeducational Kindergarten to Year 12 independent private school of the Lutheran Church of Australia, serving the Caloundra, Kawana and Hinterland communities on the Sunshine Coast. The Pacific Lutheran Early Learning Centre is co-located on site.

Pacific Lutheran College’s values are based on the following principles, which are deeply embedded across all aspects of our community:

  • People, the Focus
  • Learning, the Purpose
  • Christ, the Way

We believe that these principles not only stand as valuable sign posts for the years of schooling but also for life as a whole.

Established in 2001, Pacific Lutheran College is a leading Kindergarten to Year 12 learning community that is innovative, dynamic and progressive. Firmly underpinned by the values and traditions of excellence of Lutheran Education in Australia, our students have achieved outstanding success in the academic, sporting and cultural dimensions of their lives.

Pacific provides a rich academic program based on the Harvard Teaching for Understanding framework, encouraging each child to reach their potential and develop deep understandings. A unique integration of Christian studies, personal development, outdoor education and pastoral care supports and challenges young people to grow deeply from within.

Pacific focuses on catering for each stage of a child’s development and our curriculum is designed to support a seamless transition from Kindergarten to Year 12. There are four sections of the College: Foundation College (P-2), Junior College (Years 3-5), Middle College (Years 6-9) and Senior College (Years 10-12).

Our talented, enthusiastic and capable teaching team works in partnership with parents to support the development of the whole child through dedicated, personalised programs.

Pacific has strong links with universities, adult education providers and industry and provides senior students with high quality pathways when they graduate as confident, capable, well-rounded adults.

To experience our community in person, we invite you to visit our College on any weekday.

Contact our College registrar on 07 5436 7321 or visit to find out more.

The Pacific curriculum is designed to support a seamless transition from Kindergarten to Year 12 and life beyond school. To best cater for different rates and styles of learning, students are given the opportunity to engage in a range of activities to achieve particular outcomes. Recognising that learning is most effective where close relationships develop, the College is broken into four subgroups of:

Foundation College - Prep to Year 2
Junior College - Year 3 to Year 5
Middle College - Year 6 to Year 9
Senior College - Year 10 to Year 12

Each of the subgroups is supported by a team of teaching and support staff who provide age appropriate experiences that promote the highest standards of learning. These staff usually work with each student over a number of years and have a particular focus on the needs of those students. Teachers across subgroups plan together to ensure continuity of student experience.

Learning experiences take into account prior learning and are planned around the individual achievement of student outcomes using a variety of approaches. Student attainment of these outcomes is monitored and reported to students and parents regularly. On a developmental basis, students are expected to become increasingly self reliant in their learning.

As well as developing traditional skills, a particular emphasis is placed on the use of information computer technology as a means to better support learning. Classrooms are designed to allow all students simultaneous access to network services through the use of school provided laptops. Additional access to Information Technology resources is provided through PC labs across the school. Modem architecture supports the flexible use of indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Learning Enrichment: Tournament of the Minds, Debating, Public Speaking, Literacy, Numeracy and IT Circles, Mathematics Challenge, visiting authors and artists, Mathematics, Science and English competitions, PACE program, YACHTS program.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
  • Kayaking Excellence Program Years 4-12.
  • Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics.
  • SCISSA Sport:
    Boys: Rugby Union, AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Touch Football, Water Polo, Volleyball, Tennis.
    Girls: Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Touch Football, Water Polo, Volleyball, Tennis.
  • Community Sport: Netball, Churches Soccer, Rugby Union, Basketball, Touch Football, Futsal.
  • Dance
  • Music Groups: Senior Voices Choir, Junior Voices, Yr 2/3 Choir, Junior and Senior String Ensembles, Wind Ensemble, Year 5 Concert Band, Year 6 Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Junior Chapel Band, Middle College Chapel Band, Senior Chapel Band, Percussion Ensemble, Guitar Ensembles, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra.
  • Major Productions at Years 6-12 and P-5 on a bi-annual rotation of a musical followed by plays.
  • Foundation Cup Activities: Cultural, Sporting and Academic.
  • Book Club.
  • Visual Arts Evening.
  • PLC Blake Prize for Art.

As one of the key elements of the College, the distinguishing feature of the pastoral care program at Pacific is its basis on Christian principles. In recognition of differing developmental needs, students in the early and junior years are grouped essentially in single year groupings whilst those in middle and senior years are grouped vertically. From Prep the values of service, acceptance, compassion and mutual support are fostered. From a Christian perspective, and through practical involvement, students are progressively challenged to develop an understanding of issues of leadership. These include leadership of self, and of others in both small and large group contexts. Class teachers across the Foundation and Junior College and Pastoral Care Teachers in the Middle and Senior School are the main sources of support for the student, providing an important link between home and school. In a planned way, student development across the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural and social spheres is monitored and supported on an ongoing basis by the Class and Care Group Teacher. Students from Prep to Year 12 are also involved in Foundation Cup activities where each of the three Houses compete against each other. A variety of activities provide a range of opportunities fora broad range of students with diverse talents to contribute to their house as they compete for the Sporting, Academic and Cultural House Shields of the College. This spirited competition provides a strong sense of belonging across the College. Pastoral care teachers are the key people in the implementation of the College's behaviour management strategies.

As a Christ-centred community, Pacific has a strong focus on relationships and values. Pacific challenges members of its community to be compassionate, tolerant, deep thinking, socially just individuals who have the confidence, knowledge, courage, flexibility and deep understandings to make a difference both today and tomorrow in their families and the wider community. To equip students to thrive in the highly complex world of today and tomorrow Pacific has drawn on best practices from international educational research in its curriculum design and structure. Our focus is not just on what children will become but who they are today.

State of the art facilities have been designed to allow flexible use of space and to provide extensive access to information technology resources from every classroom. Most importantly highly skilled, committed and dedicated teachers support and encourage students to be the best they can be. As a community, parents, staff and students are challenged to be dreamers, architects, builders and celebrators. To dream what is possible, to imagine and create a better way forward, to be resilient, persistent and flexible in the making, and to be celebrators of life.

Pacific Lutheran College offers academic, music and general excellence scholarships for selected year levels. All three types of scholarships are merit based, and details are provided below. There are also a small number of bursaries allocated each year on the basis of financial need. Both bursaries and scholarships provide for a percentage remission of tuition fees. The percentage remission for scholarships is determined by the performance of the candidate. Further details about bursaries can be obtained from the College Registrar, Mrs Chris Henschke ( or via phone 54367300.

As a community we welcome you to the web-site of Pacific Lutheran College.

Pacific offers an excellent range of opportunities for young people. Equally important in your choice of schools is the consideration of the values that underpin a community. At Pacific we have been intentional in designing a rich educational program that supports the development of the whole child into a well grounded confident adult.

The phrases People the Focus, Learning The Purpose, and Christ the Way stand as firm statements of what is and has been in the heart of this community since its inception.

In all areas of our lives it is the quality of our relationships that shape our quality of life, sense of well-being and what we are able to achieve vocationally. At Pacific there has been a deliberate fostering of strong relationships between staff, students and parents through both formal and informal means. An excellent integrated program of personal development, pastoral care and outdoor education provide unique opportunities for growth critical for today's young people.

Learning the Purpose, captures the idea that in all areas of life we are all on a journey of learning. . The fostering of risk taking, creativity, imagination and deep understandings are at the core of our academic program. Staff are currently engaged in the implementation of the Teaching For Understanding program out of Harvard University which has these values at its centre. The strong focus of any school must be in ensuring that each child is well equipped academically. We believe it is important that people develop a habit and love of learning, that supports growth and development across all dimensions of their lives. Active engagement in a broad range of co-curricular activities enriches and enhances young people's development.

Christ the Way, stands as a constant reminder of the centrality of our relationship to God. The nature of this relationship encourages the living of the values of courage, compassion, acceptance, honesty, forgiveness, striving for quality, hope, love, humility and service. More importantly it reminds us that through the circumstances of life a gracious and loving God walks with us.

It has been my privilege to serve as the Principal of this College since its inception and witness staff, students and parents embrace these foundational concepts and bring them to life. We would enjoy the opportunity to welcome you into our community and share this experience with you and your family.

God bless you in your journey,

Bronwyn Dolling,


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