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St Andrews Christian College
St Andrews Christian College is a Prep to Year 12 coeducational Christian school with a moderate fee structure that seeks to work with parents to give children an excellent education based on Christian faith and values within a caring Christian community.
130 Tyner Road
Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia
Melbourne East
03 8847 8300
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Mr Nick Haines
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St Andrews Christian College is a coeducational Christian school with a moderate fee structure that supports family values, academic excellence and respects individual students in a caring Christian community. St Andrews Christian College is a coeducational school with a moderate fee structure that supports family values, academic excellence and respects individual students in a caring Christian community.

Situated in the vibrant hub of Wantirna South on Tyner Road, St Andrews offers a sound, traditional academic programme as it seeks to support parents who want their children educated in a Christian environment. With its statement of faith reflecting the College's Presbyterian origins, St Andrews is distinctively Christian in its approach.

Currently there are families from over 35 different Protestant denominations attending the College. One of the College's strengths is the family atmosphere created by a team of Christian teachers, parents and children, as they work together in educating the children God has entrusted to their care.

The College moved to its present Wantirna South site in 2010 in order to fulfil the vision of establishing a strong Christ-centred Prep to Year 12 school in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs. 

Parents who want to know more about the College are invited to enquire about College Tours by contacting the College on (03) 8847 8309.


St Andrews seeks to provide equally for boys and girls, an academically rigorous education by teachers whose lifestyles reflect Christian values.
To educate the next generation so that they are well skilled, understand life on the
basis of biblical truth, and are motivated to walk with God and serve Him in their lives so
that they will bring a highly skilled and powerfully positive Christian influence in
tomorrow's community.

Past Student: Sharon Laughing

I started in Grade 2 (there were 3 of us in Grade 2 that year!) in 1984 in Surrey Hills. There were about 30 students in the whole school and at the start of the year we were all in one classroom. 

Where are you now/what are you doing?
After several years in the insurance industry and having 3 sons, I now run an online retail business with my sister, selling modern cloth nappies and accessories ( The business is going from strength to strength and I love working from home.

Funny/favourite memory/testimony:
I think I was in Grade 3 or 4 when the drains across the play area had to be dug up. We ended up having an impromptu archaeology lesson and spent a good part of the day in mud. We discovered lots of interesting things dating back to when the school had been an orphanage (St Joseph's Home for Boys) like marbles, toy soldiers and coins. We had a ball! In the early days we'd occasionally have nuns from next door making a short cut through the school. One lunchtime a group of us were in the playground acting out the 'How do you solve a problem like Maria' scene from 'The Sound of Music' (it was one of the older girl's favourite movies) with our pinnies over our heads for veils when two nuns walked past. They realised what we were doing and had a good old giggle.

Oh, yes, pinnies! The Preps to Grade 2 had to wear smocks to protect their school uniforms, and we older girls had to wear 'pinnies' (pinafore aprons made out of blue/white gingham) to protect our dresses. The older boys didn't have to wear any protective garments, which we thought was really unfair. If your mum made your pinny (like mine did), you could get really big pockets, though, which were really handy for keeping stuff in.

Past Student: Madeline Laughing

Years attended at St Andrews Christian College:
10 years

Where are you now/what are you doing? 
I live and work in Singapore. I am currently a Legal Secretary and part time Copywriter and have a Certificate in Digital Journalism. I am a wife and mother of two little girls.

Funny/favourite memory/testimony: 
I have wonderful memories of growing up in St Andrews. Awesome teachers, great friends and good education. Some of my best memories are of the Christmas musicals put on every year, the huge soccer field at the old campus, the Metal Workshop at a neighbouring school and our art teacher, who inspired me to hold on to creativity throughout my life. Every day was a new adventure and every experience was special.


Past Student: Rufus Laughing

Years attended at St Andrews Christian College:
2002-2007 and as a sports coach from 2009-2011.

Where are you now/what are you doing?
Managing a gym in Rowville after completing a Bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science.

Funny/favourite memory/testimony:
At first I never wanted to go to St Andrews but over the years my attitude changed. It is a great school with quality teachers and looking back on my years at St Andrews I am grateful that it was the school I ended up in. My teachers spoke into my life and taught me life lessons, not just what was in the textbooks and those experiences have helped shape me into who I am today.



Past Student: Bec Smile

Years attended at St Andrews Christian College:
2001 (Yr 7) - 2006 (VCE Yr 12)

Where are you now/what are you doing?
Formerly "Bec Bird" I am now married (and have been for 2.5 years) and my husband and I have a son. I am currently working full time in early childhood education at an early learning centre which I have been doing since 2009.
After finishing year 12, I worked really hard and raised money to go and live in the Philippines by myself (with another missionary family) for a few months from Jun- Nov 2007. I worked as a "teacher" and in a children's home. What an amazing experience!
This passion for children has been in me for as long as I can remember but the teachers at STACC certainly played a major role in nurturing those passions and encouraging me to try my absolute best.

Funny/favourite memory/testimony:
There are SO many! And as I speak to past students we often think of several more. I LOVED English on show with Mrs Natsis in year 12, I loved having the opportunities to sing, I loved the teacher's willingness to participate in our "muck up day" festivities. Delhuntie park in year 7 was a camp I will NEVER forget. Don't get me wrong, there were CERTAINLY some challenging times but we all got through them with that constant support and understanding. It's a rare quality to find in teachers.

I am so pleased that my younger brother and sister (Hudson and Amelia Findlay) have an opportunity to experience what this school has to offer!


Past Employee: Fiona Wink

Years worked at St Andrews Christian College:

Where are you now/what are you doing?
Working with Children & Families Ministry team at St Hilary's Anglican, Kew

Funny/favourite memory/testimony:
Staff Chris Kringle the year Andrew Wade scored the Santa Garden Gnome! My last week at St Andrews was very precious. My father died and my Grade 1 class cared for me. Their loving kindness reminded me of how precious the family of God is, united in Christ. Thank you especially to all the Grade 1 children I taught. You were the best part of my life at St Andrews.

Principal's Image

Welcome to our College!

St Andrews Christian College is a school of teaching and learning excellence, where Christ is central in all we do.

Although known for our academic rigour, we are a school community that nurtures the whole child and seeks to provide an environment where students are inspired and encouraged to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, creatively, physically and cognitively.

Students thrive in a safe and caring environment and at St Andrews Christian College where all our students are known, we partner with parents to support and nurture our children to become the young men and women God intends them to be.

It is our desire that our students become leaders in our society; citizens who influence others rather than following and being influenced by the changing values and expectations of the world around them.

We help students to discover their purpose in this world and offer an education rich in hope and purpose that delivers more than just good results.

I encourage you to contact the College and participate in a school tour – where you will discover what makes St Andrews Christian College a very unique and special school.

Nick Haines


St Andrews C C Principal

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