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 41 McLaren St Render 1

North Sydney is set to open the doors to a new independent school in time for the 2025 academic year.
The brand new Reddam House North Shore will be the sister school to the existing Reddam House Sydney. Located in the historic Harry Seidler-designed Simsmetal House in North Sydney, it will accommodate up to 1350 co-educational students from Kindergarten to Year 12.
The school will be operated by Inspired, the leading global group of premium schools that operate over 110 schools on six continents. The group has already set a high bar in Sydney — the existing Reddam House school is well-known for its academic excellence, ranking as the top-performing independent school in NSW in both the 2023 and 2022 HSC results. In addition to Reddam House Sydney, Inspired also operates three early learning schools, in St Leonards, Lindfield and Woollahra.
Inspired is investing $55 million into the North Shore campus, with plans to protect the heritage of the iconic building while also making it suitable for its new academic purpose.
Planned features include five state-of-the-art science labs, multiple libraries, music studios with 12 practice rooms, sports hall and auditorium, dance studios, a gym and bespoke arts, design and tech areas. Senior students will be given their own resource centre and study rooms, and the school will feature multiple breakout spaces for flexible learning.
The property also boasts a roof terrace with views of Sydney Harbour and other outdoor terraces with play areas.
Inspired founder, chairman and CEO Nadim M Nsouli says the school represents the group’s commitment to building on the success it’s already had in Australia, adding that Inspired’s international presence means Reddam House North Shore will be able to offer something unique to Sydney students.
“Students will uniquely benefit from global exchange and summer-camp programmes and opportunities. That, when coupled with our internationally recognised curriculum and initiatives, instil in students a heightened understanding and appreciation of their fellow global citizens, equipping them for success.”
The school is accepting enrolments for students from Kindergarten up to Year 10 for 2025. Once established, it will add one additional year group annually, which means it will be open to Year 12 students by 2027.
Reddam House North Shore is set to be a leader among Sydney’s independent schools.
“The Reddam House North Shore campus will provide the local community with state-of-the-art educational facilities, modern resources and experienced teachers, and offer a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century,” says Nsouli.
“Students will receive an outstanding holistic education and will benefit from access to Inspired’s global best practices in teaching.”

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