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St James’ Anglican School has kicked off its second year of the ‘Cub Sandwiches’ program, with a record-breaking 930 sandwiches made for primary schools in the local community. Students, parents, staff and parishioners came together for the session, which marked the largest quantity of sandwiches prepared for this service initiative.


Each term the sandwiches are delivered and distributed to students who do not have breakfast or bring lunch to school. The Cub Sandwiches program aims to provide nutritious meals to local school students, helping to alleviate food insecurity in the local community. In 2023 St James' made and delivered over 2,000 sandwiches to local schools. The schools we will support this year include:


  • Clarkson Primary School –  300 sandwiches
  • Merriwa Primary School –  140 sandwiches
  • Somerly Primary School –  240 sandwiches
  • Alkimos Primary School –  90 sandwiches
  • Alkimos Beach Primary School –  90 sandwiches
  • Yanchep Rise Primary School – 100 sandwiches

We will deliver to these schools four times in the year.

St James’ service initiative of Cub Sandwiches is in partnership with Eat Up Australia, a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to support students wellbeing. Alarmingly, one in five Australian children attend school without breakfast or lunch.

Stacey Syme, Service Learning Coordinator at St James’, expressed her excitement and pride in the community’s efforts.

“As the Cub Sandwiches program continues throughout the year, the ripple effect of this initial event will be felt in the wider community. It serves as a reminder of the power of collective action and the difference that can be made when individuals come together for a common cause. St James’ can be proud of its students, parents, church parishoners and staff for their efforts in making a positive impact in the lives of young people in our community. This program is not just about sandwiches, but about fostering a culture of caring and compassion that extends beyond the school walls,” Mrs Syme said.

“We’re thrilled our students get to enjoy these delicious cheese sandwiches as part of our weekly Breakfast Club. We thank the St James’ community for their dedication of time to make and deliver these sandwiches for our school,” Kristie Williams, Breakfast Club Coordinator at Yanchep Rise Primary School said.

The next Cub Sandwiches session will take place on Wedenesday 1 May. Please visit Trybooking to secure a spot.

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